Everything you Need to Know about High Bay Lightning

commercial high bay LED light from living.ca
commercial high bay LED light from living.ca

High bay lighting is a type of lighting commonly used in big-box retail stores and industrial buildings. Commonly seen as one of the most efficient ways to light a warehouse or industrial space, high bay lighting is used by everyone from small businesses to multi-national corporate giants.


There are a number of characteristics that set high bay lighting apart from other types of lighting. To begin with, high bay lighting is most commonly LED which is among the most advanced, innovative, and energy-efficient models of lighting. There are some estimates that suggest LED high bay lighting to save as much as 85 percent in energy costs annually. Considering this, a commercial warehouse or industrial space could save potentially thousands, if not millions of dollars every year migrating to LED high bay lights.


Traditional models don’t have much on LED high bay lights. The excellence in lighting set by LED technologies is undisputed, outperforming other types of lighting. Through quality design such as that offered via Living.ca high bay lighting products, a commercial business can rely on their lighting to perform when they need it most.


If you are considering buying high bay lighting, here are a few things you may want to consider in addition to the benefits we have already mentioned. LED high bay lights are specifically designed for tall ceilings and to light larger areas. Therefore, if the area you want to supply lighting to is smaller in size than a warehouse, you may want to do some research to confirm high bay lighting is an appropriate choice. After all, LED high bay commercial light provide highly powerful directional lighting that illuminates across a larger area. This is precisely what makes them so ideal for commercial and industrial applications, such as in warehouses and retail stores.

high bay LED light
high bay LED light

There’s certainly no shortage of lighting products on the market for these spaces however none come close to LED technology. There is no better way to light a large indoor space than through a combination of LED technology and high bay presentation. Manufacturing facilities, gyms, warehouses, departments, factories, and more – they all use them. Vast and covering as much vertical space as they do horizontal, high bay lighting can be seen hanging from the ceiling by hooks, chains, pendants, and/or fixed directly. Take a look the next time you’re in one of these spaces to get some ideas on how you may wish to use them.


The wide use of high bay lighting across multiple industries provides some insight into how effective LED high bay lighting is at getting the job done. Buy high bay lighting today from Living.ca at the most affordable, competitive wholesale pricing in Canada!

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