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Using LED lighting in the home has the opportunity to save the average Canadian household between $100 and $150 every year on its electricity alone. Buying LED lighting also comes with many advantages, including being more environmentally-friendly, lowering household consumption of lightbulbs annually, and having a reliable light you can depend on.


If you are seeking more ways to save money when buying LED lighting, consider shopping with Why is simple. LED bulbs have a higher upfront cost than the traditional bulbs do. In addition, many retailers provide LED bulbs at varying prices. For a shopper who has never bought these bulbs before and/or who are faced with limited choices, they may be inclined to pay more than what is really required for the product. That’s not really what we believe in and it’s steals like this that were the reasons why we formed our company. When you visit, we provide high quality, premiere LED lighting and bulbs, all for under $20. Browse a wide selection and pick your favourites!


Some of the biggest selling LED bulbs in the catalogue that we recommend include the A19 Dimmable LED Bulb 6W 45W Equivalent E26 3000K Warm White 500 Lumens – 6/Pack for $14.99, the A19 Non-Dimmable LED Bulb 10W 70W Equivalent E26 3000K Warm White 820 Lumens – 10/Pack for $15.99, and the impressive PAR38 Dimmable LED Bulb 18W 120W Equivalent E26 3000K 1450 Lumens 38º Beam Angle Indoor/Outdoor – 1/Pack for $14.99. In addition to the few dozen options to consider under LED bulbs, we also have additional product that may be of interest including LED tubes, LED panels, commercial and industrial LED lighting, LED lamps, LED desk lamps, and holiday lighting.


More Canadians than ever are switching to LED bulbs. LED lightbulbs use light-emitting diodes, using up to 85 percent less power than the traditional option while subsequently providing the same amount of light. The average LED bulb lasts a minimum of 15,000 hours, though there are some options that may last upwards of 25,000 hours and more. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are a great way to update any residential home’s lighting and when you shop with, it won’t break the bank.


So if you want budget LED lighting for under $20, visit one of the country’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in this category. trades in the traditional for energy-efficient, low-cost, high quality product that we can be proud of.

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