Shop Better and Cheaper Party Tableware for less than Other Canadian Dollar Stores

Cheaper than dollar stores
Cheaper than dollar stores

Families with young children are oftentimes found at the Dollarama when they need party tableware or party supplies. Though the Dollarama has supplied party tableware for years to Canadians, more shoppers are moving to eCommerce solutions for better pricing and more expanded selection. Fast becoming a big part of this revolution in party tableware and party supplies is


Party tableware is a favourite party item amongst several that can help get the family excited about a special occasion. We know, when it comes to things like holiday parties and birthday parties, there’s sometimes a lot of hype and other times, not enough. Party tableware, such as what is offered through can help the household feel connected to the occasion, be it one of culture, religion, or tradition.


Party tableware does not just apply to family parties either. Weddings, corporate events, and more are regular places where you can see some of’s inventory. Browse through party tableware categories including party plates, cutlery, table skirts and covers, straws and doilies, napkins, party cups, and special party tableware kits.


Every year, there are opportunities to throw some big parties. No party planner wants to fall short of a really great time. Party tableware is easily applied to a range of parties, irrespective of the occasion, the age demographic, or anything else. More Canadians are coming to to expand their collection of party supplies and are walking away supremely pleased with their haul. works with numerous Canadian suppliers across the country to provide the highest quality party supplies at highly discounted rates. From the customer’s perspective, that means they get to save a few bucks and receive the best possible party tableware products, just as they are depicted in our eCommerce catalogue.


Some decent party tableware to start with includes Party Paper Beverage Napkins 25*25CM 2ply Red 50Pcs for $0.99, Premium Plastic Party Dinner Plate 10.25″ white silver, 10Pcs for $3.99, the Premium Silver Plastic Mix Fork/Knife/Spoon 24Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.99, and Premium Party Plastic Disp Tumbler With Silver Rim 10oz 8Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $1.99.


Enjoy exclusive party tableware courtesy of and please feel encouraged to share our website with a friend. It’s never easy to find decorations from whatever is left at the Dollarama. The way we see it is that if the occasion means something to you, you should be able to customize it according to your vision. Enjoy thousands of party tableware products from and find new decorations for your party as you need them, throughout the year!

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