Wanna Impress your Kids on their Birthday Party – Check out our LED Balloons at Living.ca!


Party balloon LED
Party balloon LED

In the party supplies industry, there’s not a whole lot of innovation in the consumer products category. After all, when it comes to birthday party supplies, it’s all pretty standard stuff. Especially if you’re going to Dollarama, the Dollar Tree, or similar retail party supplies stores, the selection for birthday-related party products is very limited and pretty basic.

Keeping in mind what other places are offering, at Living.ca, we don’t go basic. Let’s say you really want to make an impression for a birthday party, we’re the perfect place to visit. Sure, we got the more traditional party supplies which are available at some of the lowest pricing in Canada but we also got some really cool and innovative stuff that is simple and affordable.

Whether you’re looking for something more subtle to blend in, or something to inspire the entire theme and design of a children’s birthday party, we got  a lot of stuff to browse through, some practical, some cute, and all accommodating to just about any party design out there.


If you really want to impress your kids for their birthday party, one thing you might want to check out are Living.ca’s LED balloons. Built on an innovation on the traditional birthday balloon, LED technology is incorporated into the design to let it glow for hours, lighting up a room both dim and bright.

Buy LED balloons for your kids for their birthday party and see the surprise on their faces when you pull out the bottom tab to activate the LED light! Perfect for all ages and occasions, trade in the expected with the unexpected by choosing these light-up balloons.

Some of the most popular LED balloons we sell include the most impressive LED Light Up Balloon Marble 9″ 3Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $3.99, the LED Light Up Balloon Solid Pink, Purple & White 9″ 3Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $3.99, the straightforward yet equally alluring LED Light Up Balloon 12 Mixed Color 9″ 12Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $11.99, the more adult LED Light Up Balloon Solid Gold 9″ 12Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $11.99, and the LED Light Up Balloon Orange, Blue & Lime 9″ 3Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $3.99.

As seen in the Living.ca catalogue, there are different colors, shades, and patterns to mix and match. For your kids’ birthday party, all you need is a few items like this and some of the more traditional party supplies one would expect, and you’ll be good to go!

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