Get A19 Dimmable LED Bulb 6W 45W-Equivalent E26 3000K in Warm White

Lightbulbs are a specialty of ours at Right now, you can save big when you order a 10 pack of A19 Dimmable LED Bulbs, on sale for just $14.99. These lights draw only 6W of power, but shine equally bright as traditional 45W bulbs, and come in warm white.

A19 Dimmable LED Bulb 6W from
A19 Dimmable LED Bulb 6W from

Save up to 85% on your electricity bill by switching to RayonLed A19 6W LED Bulbs!


Dimmable lightbulbs can make all the difference in a room or outdoor space, and are especially suitable to install during renovation projects. These A19 bulbs are built for both indoors/outdoors, with exceptional colour consistency and colour rendering, enhancing colours of focal points from lamp to lamp, and make for an excellent replacement for incandescent A19 bulbs, which are inefficient, throwing off a ton of heat.

A19 Dimmable LED Bulb 6W from
A19 Dimmable LED Bulb 6W from

Simply screw into any medium screw base fixture and enjoy!


The A19 Dimmable LED Bulbs emit a bright white level of light that’s bright, diffused, and that delivers enhanced colour reflection wherever it’s installed: in the kitchen, living room, back deck, in track light or recessed fixture. At 500 lumens, it’ll brighten your property like it’ll brighten your life.


Save time, live better!


This LED Bulb has an average rated lifespan of 25000 hours, lasting upwards of two-and-a-half years.


The A19 Dimmable LED bulbs come in a variety of quantities: the 2-pack is priced now at $3.99, the 6-pack $14.99, the 20-pack just $28.99, and the 40-pack $54.99, which includes free shipping. All orders are eligible for fast shipping nationwide for just $5.95. With warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, you’ll receive your purchase in 1-2 days, so there’s never been a better time to make the switch from incandescent to LED bulbs. Buy today and save!


Light up your backyard, basement, dining room, living room, and garage with these 3000K colour temperature, 500 lumens LED bulbs. You won’t be disappointed. Bring the dimmest, darkest corners of your household back to life, with these safe, durable, stunning white lightbulbs.


Combine the purchase of 10 lightbulbs with other products in our catalogue and get free shipping, on any order of $49 and up, or any shopping cart with 5 items and up.


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