Find Glue Sticks, White-Out, and more from on Summer Back to School Special

For all the notebooks, pens, pencils, and school supplies that need to be bought this year, saving money where you can is imperative. To most, we can agree shopping in retail during back to school season is objectively terrible. Not only are we faced with the stresses of trying to find everything on our list but there’s the long lines and sometimes, lack of inventory to take into consideration. Also, the hit it takes on the bank account can be pretty rough. That’s why at, we’re inviting you to save money on products like glue sticks, white-out, and more.


Though it may only be a few cents or a dollar here and there, it does add up when you total everything together on your back to school shopping list. Also, the great thing about shopping with is that we have some pretty unique glues and accessories to choose from. For example, when it comes to glues and accessories, we have Metallic Glitter Glue in Bright Classic Colors, 5 Pieces – KidsKraft for $0.99, Pastel Glitter Glue in Classic Colors, 5 Pieces – KidsKraft for $0.99, Permanent Adhesive Glue Roller, 5mm x 6m – Time 4 Crafts for $1.29, and more.


Browsing the catalogue, there’s a lot to wade through we admit. For glue sticks, white-out, and accessories in this category, we do have the standard Multi-Purpose Liquid White Glue, 150ml – KidsKraft for $0.99. Comparatively, we also have the Classic Color Chunky Glitter Glue, 118ml, Random Color – Time 4 Crafts for $0.99 and the Plastic Heart Shaped Pencil Sharpeners for School & Home, 9 Pieces – V’tines for $0.99. Therefore, considering the options and depending on what is most appropriate for your child and their classroom, there’s no shortage of possibilities.


For students with a passion for arts and crafts, you can never have enough supplies. If your child is a little artist-in-the-making, buying them some glues and similar arts and crafts supplies for their projects is an excellent way to be supportive of that. Through’s creative glues, they can add color as they see fit to their school supplies and give their inventory some personality! All things considered, school supplies are pretty homogenous for better or for worse. Add some flair to the dreariness and give a student the chance to express themselves. That’s one of the things we are most proud of at – to be able to offer that chance.


Visit today for all of our back to school specials including those that go way-beyond what you would expect to find in such a sale. The back to school shopping season is almost here! Shop today and buy any five items from the catalogue to receive free shipping.

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