Get the Best Back to School Deals in Canada on Arts, Crafts, Stickers, and more from

Just as summer has started, students may not want to entertain the inevitable. Even so, back to school shopping is on its way and as parents ourselves, we know the value in finding the best deal. For arts, crafts, stickers, and more, has numerous back to school discounts you’ll love. For those that love arts and crafts, have a need to buy these supplies in bulk, or want to simply tap into one’s own creativity, there’s plenty to browse for $2.99 or less at, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce store.


Buy any five arts and crafts products in the catalogue, and receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Crafts and hobbies can be a wonderful way to pass the time in the heat and on rainy summer days. If you’ve never made handmade crafts yourself before, we have all the basics you need. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a lifelong passion as it’s been for so many of our customers, and others who first get involved with arts and crafts. Browse the best back to school deals in Canada on art and craft supplies, beads, coloring books, glues and glue sticks, stickers for crafts, scrapbooking kits, paint supplies, and play set and kits.


For kids or young people, getting started with crafts like these can lead to a range of destinations. For some, that’s just a way to relax and stay calm during more stressful moments, and for others, it’s even led to them selling their craft work and becoming entrepreneurs. Some of the biggest selling products under arts and crafts include the Top Spiral-Bound Sketch Book for Sketching, Drawing and Creative Doodling, 9″ x 12″, 30 Sheets for $1.99, the 6″ x 9″ White Newsprint Doodle Pad for Drawing, Painting & Colouring, 120 Sheets for $0.99, the Clear Hot Melt Glue Sticks Adhesives for Home Office and School Project, 4″ x 5/16″, 16pcs for $0.99, and the Construction Paper Pad Multi-Colored Craft Paper (9″ x 12″), 36 Sheets, 6 Colors for $0.99.


For the person suspected of a creative personality who may not have had it tapped into yet, these Canada back to school deals on arts, crafts, and stickers are excellent. Sure, it’s not for everyone but for those who enjoy these kinds of activities, it can be a fun introduction. Instead of just focusing on the school supplies and at-home study workstation, consider picking up a few fun things to activate the unexpected in your student. Buy today from and enjoy some of the lowest prices in Canada!

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