Top 4 School Supplies from on Back to School Sale for Summer 2018 only! is one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites and a must-see for anyone searching for school supplies on discount. The back to school summer 2018 sale has a lot of the more arts-based and creative-minded school supplies that may be on your list.


For any young student with a burgeoning interest in the arts, has hundreds of products that might be of interest. Ideal for when you want to engage your creativity at home or when you need these products as supplies in the classroom, tune out the world and tap into your creative vein!


The Top Spiral-Bound Sketch Book for Sketching, Drawing and Creative Doodling, 9″ x 12″, 30 Sheets for $1.99 is the perfect product for a student focused on becoming an artist. This private sketchbook provides the opportunity for young students to experiment and document their artistic journey. If they’re registered in an art class this upcoming year, consider a sketchbook like this to give them the chance to explore different ideas and to take their learning beyond the classroom.


The Metallic Glitter Glue in Bright Classic Colors, 5 Pieces – KidsKraft for $0.99 is a favourite among the younger, pre-adolescent crowd. The glitter glue is a great gift for summer party occasions, at-home use, in-classroom self-expression, and more. If your student is someone who needs an outlet for self-expression, metallic glitter glue is a fun, easy way to color up different school supplies. Look ahead at the school year fondly and let them use items like these glues to make their school supplies their own.


The Plastic Handle Artist Paint Brush Set, 5 Pieces – KidsKraft for $1.99 is another great product for young artists. Artsy students love There’s so many arts and crafts supplies on discount that you don’t need to worry about breaking the budget here. Buy this artist paint brush set today on back to school summer sale and see it last months as long as they’re taken care of. And hey, even if you lose one or two, you still have some extras kicking around.


The Self-Adhesive Colorful Alphabet Stickers for Crafts & Scrapbooking, 2 Sheets – Time 4 Crafts for $0.99 is for anyone who likes big, bold lettering. Buy a few of these and label notebooks and other supplies as you see fit. The under-$1 price point is a deal that can’t be beat!


Arts and crafts school supplies on back to school deals for the summer are just where the fun starts. Visit any time to save big. There’ll be no excuse for overspending on arts supplies this year. You may even have some extra money to put towards extras in the event you lose or overuse any of the products contained in our back to school sale. Shop to receive the lowest prices in Canada today.

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