Why Arts and Crafts Kits are a great way to Relax for Any Child in the First Few Weeks of School

Arts and crafts kits are a great way to celebrate the last few weeks of summer or to relax in the first couple weeks of school. They can help brighten up some of the more dreary days and for artistic students, they can really help if they’re having a hard time adjusting. Create something truly unique with any of our arts and crafts kits from Living.ca, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites.


The Blank Paper Mache Face Mask with Paints & Paintbrush, Random Style – KidsKraft for $2.59 provides an amazing opportunity to build masks in the style of summer festivals, masquerades, Halloween, and wrestling. Though they’re not very big, the blank paper mache face masks are an easy way to create some art to put on the wall or just to engage the creative spirit.


The Multi-Color Metallic Craft Wire, 3 Pack Set, 0.3mm 8.5″, Random Style – Time 4 Crafts for $0.99 is perfect for jewelry-making. If there’s any inkling of jewelry business entrepreneurship or if your child is considering starting their own Etsy shop, this is a great way to encourage that ingenuity. Though not an essential for everyone, for the kids who’ll appreciate it, it should win major favor.


The 3D Coloring Set with Paint Pens, Random Style – KidsKraft for $1.99 takes the coloring book experience to the next level. The ultimate relaxation activity for young art enthusiasts, coloring books like this are a school essential especially during the more stressful periods of the year. For busy students, the 3D coloring set with paint pens will mark a nice way to wind down.


The Decorative Craft Wire, 0.5mm 21.9m, Random Color – Time 4 Crafts for $0.99 is a unique arts and crafts kit. For the back to school shopping season, if your little artist is already pretty familiar with the average kit, this one is something a little more unique. They’ll be challenged to create something very different from what they’re used to.


Living.ca has launched the ultimate back to school shopping event in Canada, with arts and crafts kits to browse and numerous accessories to choose from. If they’re feeling a little lost or if their schedule is just off the hook insane, grabbing an art kit and relaxing for a few moments is never a bad thing.


Visit Living.ca any time between now and the end of August for the best back to school deals. Remember, even with all the deadlines, tests, exams, extracurricular activities, and social anxieties of school, every kid should have some time just to lay back, be themselves, and be creative!

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