Buy Microfiber Sheets and Bedding for a King Size for Under $30 on Discount!

Cotton sheets are classic. Microfiber sheets and bedding are just better. That’s why more Canadians are coming to to buy high quality microfiber sheets and bedding for king and queen sizes.


It goes without saying but every bed deserves high quality comfortable long-lasting sheets and bedding. For those Canadian households looking to impress, ‘microfiber’ is exactly where you want to look. Just as a quick course in microfiber sheets, all linens come with a thread count. A ‘thread count’ identifies how many threads have been woven together per square inch. So let’s say someone has threaded 100 threads length-wise by 100 threads width-wise, that produces a thread count of 200. A high quality sheet should run at minimum a thread count of 300. The general rule is the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheet.


To explain a little more about what differentiates microfiber from classic, traditional cotton, microfiber uses very finely woven fibers, usually made from wood pulp, polyester, and/or nylon polymers. Digging deeper into the subject, microfiber sheets and bedding are manufactured very thin however they are known for being exceptionally strong, smooth, and comfortable. Individually, the threads are quite weak however when brought together, microfiber sheets are tightly woven and incredibly strong. High quality microfiber sheets are second to none, even with daily washing, and are among the best recommended options for bedding in feel and comfort.


Though there are a number different options for microfiber sheets and bedding in Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce catalogue, the most popular microfiber sheets from our consumers is the Bed Sheet Set Bedding Microfiber Soft Bedroom King 4Pcs Dark Grey – Livingbasic™ for $29.99.


Features include the super soft lightweight warmth of 120 GSM microfiber type, deep pockets with elastic all-around, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, shrink-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and easy drying. Furthermore, the microfiber sheets are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Enjoy a 100% wrinkle-free finish design with no pilling or balling fabric. Choose from solid colors as needed. Lastly, including fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, choose from dark grey, white, cream, and silver grey.


Browse today for discounts, deals, and exclusives on microfiber sheets and bedding for all sizes, and more. Suitable to any interior, go sophisticated, contemporary, or other styles of design as you see fit. Remember, sheets are a real investment, even though we might not think of them as much. We sleep on our sheets every night and they can make the world of difference. Choose for the best deals in Canada on microfiber sheets and bedding, and begin enjoying the sleeps you’ve always wanted.

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