See Reviews for this Sleek, Magnetic Car Mount for Smartphones less than $5

Imagine a slim, sleek solution to all of your smartphone in the car needs. Instead of struggling to use Google Maps on your next adventure or trying to get your favourite song to play on the stereo, we recommend using a magnetic car mount available today for less than $5 from PrimeCables.


A magnetic car mount for your smartphone has many advantages attached to it. Stick it to any flat surface in the vehicle. The mount should easily fit any smartphone or GPS easily. Finally have a way to use your smartphone hands-free. For every kilometre you drive, your smartphone will be right there with you. Easy to use and impressively compatible, see what the reviews are saying at one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce stores, PrimeCables.


The Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder – PrimeCables® for $4.99 is a pretty sleek tool. Commonly bought as a gift for everything from a parent’s birthday to Christmas, you won’t have to break the bank on this purchase either. There are many different car mounts out there but the biggest complaint often fielded is that they are either high in cost or they simply don’t have the flexibility this model has. Why we recommend checking out this universal car mount for smartphones is because it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle and can be used to hold a range of digital devices. That means, it’s easy to switch out one kind of smartphone for another, or to use another type of device in its place.


At PrimeCables, we value inexpensive, affordable, and family-friendly pricing. Just because it’s ‘cheap’ in price though does not mean it needs to be cheap in make. This magnetic car mount is built well! It’s earned its near perfect four-and-a half star rating from our customers. We’re tremendously proud to be able to offer something so valuable as this for such a low price. When PrimeCables’ deals, discounts, and exclusives are this good, take advantage!


Installation is easy and damage-free. After you have the initial piece installed in the vehicle, all you’ll need the magnet attached to your phone. Then, put the phone on the mount and you’re good to go. Even on while taking a presumably legal sharp turn, rest easy knowing your smartphone will remain firmly attached. The car mount is also super easy to remove and install into another car, which is why customers sometimes buy it for use in rental cars.


Visit PrimeCables today for more information on how to buy this magnetic car mount and read more of the product reviews on-site. We’re sure you’ll love this amazing smartphone accessory which is one of the biggest selling products we have on-site!

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