See one of the Best Selling Hair Dryers in Canada and begin re-shaping your Hair Today

The best selling hair dryers in Canada come at a high cost for consumers. Some are willing to spend upwards of $100s for hair dryers. As long as it gets them the perfect blowout, any cost is fine. For the majority of us who just want a great hair dryer, cost matters. If cost matters and you don’t want to have to set foot in a salon every week to get your hair just right, consider

As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in small home appliances, has one of Canada’s top hair dryers on sale for $14.99. Lightweight and 1,875 watts, this heavy duty LIVINGbasics branded hair dryer is one model you can rely on. Complete with its cool air button and dual overheat protection, choose from three-heat and two-speed settings. The hair dryer comes with 16,000 RPM, an ALCI safety plug, and included in the $14.99 package is a concentrator and diffuser.


Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons why Canadians are interested in hair dryers like these. The overheat protection component is very advantageous as it ensures the temperature never rises too high and the flame-retardant aspect of it is unquestionably important as well. The instant-release cool air can help lock in a style quickly. The wave-shape heating wire gives faster and more balanced heat as well. With all these features, in addition to the fact that it’s on sale for a limited time, makes it a tough deal to pass on for most.

Receive your hair dryer from and try it out for yourself. See professional results that you can achieve at home. Sure, there are lesser versions of hair dryers out there for under $10. They don’t look and feel like this one though. If you’re looking for added features and protection, this is the best hair dryer you’ll find at this price point. Use this hair dryer today and see smooth locks, frizz-free hair, and an all-around gorgeous, healthy look.

Though they may appear attractive, don’t go for the models priced at $100, $200, $300, or $400. Instead, go with and see the results for yourself. More than worth the price, however inexpensive you may see it, you can dry your wet hair in minutes and re-imagine yourself in the light you see fit. For these reasons and others, this is why the LIVINGbasics model can be held up against any of Canada’s best and still have a place among the best selling hair dryers in the nation.

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