Cheap Halloween Window Stickers on-Sale for under $2 from

Halloween window stickers are a time-honoured tradition in many parts of Canada. Driving through neighborhoods in all ten provinces, you’ll eventually see spooky window stickers somewhere along the line at Halloween time. If you’re looking for Halloween window stickers, has them on-sale for under $2!

buy Halloween decoration cheap at
buy Halloween decoration cheap at

See multiple styles of Halloween window stickers and choose what suits you best. Including between eight and 14 stickers, see a sheet size of 11.50” to 16.25” just to give an idea on how much to expect. The sticker sizes themselves range from 1.5” to 11”x14”.


Able to stick to any surface, the Halloween window clings are perfect for the spookiest occasion of the year. Coordinate them with other Halloween party supplies for a winning combination that’ll keep the kids engaged and feelings of fun flowing through the air. Choose from a trick or treat theme, witches’ legs, witches hat, brooms, bats, spiders, and more.


Canadian households return to to purchase cheap Halloween window stickers and complimentary decorations. A Halloween tradition, for family-friendly settings, little accents like these add a lot to the home. If you’re looking to create some good memories for the kids, inexpensive decorations like these are a fun way to switch things up. For adults, there’s a sense of nostalgia that can come through when selections like these are used. Consider browsing the catalogue for more Halloween party supplies, decorations, and accessories. Also, any order above $49 receives a ‘free shipping’ coupon that’s applicable to anywhere in Canada.


Halloween has a long and storied history to it. A lot of its spooks originate from folk customs from our time and past cultures. Though the occasion is more fun today than anything, Halloween is still very much a community event that creates a lot of memories. Kids, families, adults, and even seniors still cherish the occasion. Perhaps more so than Thanksgiving, Halloween has come to represent North American culture as one of the top holidays of the fall season. Come and celebrate with, and see some of the top Halloween window stickers on-sale today. Inexpensive and affordable, they’re an easy way to bring out the Halloween spirit.


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