How Halloween was our Favourite Holiday Growing Up and why it still is to this Day

Halloween is a great holiday for all ages. Like a lot of kids in Canada, Halloween was also our favourite holiday growing up. To be honest, it still is. There’s the candy, sure. That’s absolutely something to look forward to as a kid. That said, Halloween is about so much more than the candy. As we grew up, we came to understand that Halloween is all about atmosphere, vibes, and energy. Unlike other holidays, Halloween is so supremely unique in the sense that it encourages one to express their unique selves while connecting with their communities.


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As young kids and adults, we’ve all shared a lot of different Halloween experiences. For example, it’s likely a lot of us have attended at least one haunted house or two over the years. We’ve all had those moments where we giggled at someone’s creativity in their Halloween costume. We also all likely have at least one Halloween memory that we truly treasure. As much as it’s humanly possible to love a holiday, Halloween comes first. Even more than Christmas, for us, Halloween has always been where our hearts have been at.


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