See the Top Party Decorations in 2018 for the Perfect Fright Night’s Halloween decorations are all you need for the perfect Halloween fright. As one of Canada’s go-to sources for Halloween accessories, is looking to make a big impact this year with deals, discounts, and sales you won’t find anywhere else. Already having revealed our range of top Halloween 2018 decorations, we’ve sold thousands and we look forward to serving more Canadians as we get closer to October 31st. If you don’t know where to shop for your decorations, please feel encouraged to visit for the spookiest decorations of them all! Halloween decorations include fifty 4×6” treat bags for only $0.99, Halloween window stickers, Halloween maple leaves garland, tinsel garland, glow-in-the-dark stickers, giant furry spiders, table covers, a Halloween mini LED light set, hanging skeletons, glitter spider creepy hanging decorations, a glitter ‘Boo!’ sign, a pumpkin doorbell with talking spider, spider webs, hanging ghosts, light-up door covers, spider web cut-outs, and plenty more. This is just where our Halloween decorations start. There’s no shortage of spookiness to deck out your home in.


If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, decorations like these are an excellent choice. You may also want to look into specific Halloween party supplies. At, we have dozens of Halloween-specific party supplies available at bargain pricing. If cost is a big factor, you can buy cheap with and get away with much more than you can from any Walmart or Dollarama. Create the perfect mix of lighting, color, more general Halloween décor, and unique party supplies. No matter how you adorn your home, there’s plenty of classic iconography to experiment with. You also don’t need to go all-out by any means. That said, if you do and you’ve got the creative spirit, there’s a lot of materials to put something real special together in the catalogue.


For a Halloween party, consider a costume theme, make creative pumpkin designs, safely use candles and lighting where appropriate, or have apple bobbing. This Halloween, greet your guests with something frightening. Some may choose to touch upon the Celtic or pagan roots of the Halloween holiday. Nevertheless, you’ve got some options. Throw the perfect Halloween fright night and do it on a budget. Take things up a notch by scattering classic party supplies and decorations throughout your home. Combine it with a good Halloween costume and we’re certain guests couldn’t ask for more. Shop with today and maximize every dollar!

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