Canada’s Most Requested Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2018

Halloween is a great time to upgrade your home’s décor to something spooky and to pick out the absolute perfect costume. According to a recent poll published by Value Village, the average Canadian takes up to two months to decide what to wear for Halloween. It’s not uncommon to decide on a costume and then, change one’s mind as we get closer to the date. If you don’t know where to begin in selecting your Halloween costume, here are some ideas to get you started.


DIY it with Something Comfortable


DIY costumes are increasingly popular. Grabbing what you can find on discount, deals, and on-sale, you can put together everything from a monster to a zombie pretty easy. And, to some Canadians who may want to go with a funny Halloween costume, there’s no shortage of possible options when it comes to a DIY outfit like this. This is easily the most cost-effective costume selection.


Choosing a TV show or Film Franchise


Going with a popular movie franchise like Star Wars or a TV-inspired Halloween outfit like The Walking Dead, this is a favourite strategy among millennials. This can either require a lot of creativity to get a costume to the point where it replicates what you want it to or it can be quite costly. You may want to give some thought into what’s actually manageable, considering the budget you may be working with and what your creativity is capable of.


Marvel Universe


Though superhero films have faded in popularity a little bit in the last couple years, Marvel Halloween costumes are still a strong favourite. Particularly among young children, something like The Avengers continues to inspire the selection of costumes like Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and others.


Couples Costumes


Another trend we want to mention for Halloween is the possibility of going with a couples’ costume, a family costume, or something among friends. Partnering with others to craft the ideal Halloween costume can be a fun group activity. It’ll also take off some of the responsibility pertaining to the pressure to build the perfect outfit.


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