Halloween Party Games you may want to Give a Try for your Adults-Only Affair

As adults, maybe your love of Halloween has faded a little bit. After all, we don’t get the candy we used to in our trick-or-treating years and sometimes, seeing the fun others are having on the spookiest of days, it can be a little sad. For adults, the best Halloween fun is always had with friends, family, and those we don’t know in the shadows of a Halloween party.


A great way to get to know others and share in the Halloween experience is to engage in some party games. Dress up in your best costume, take on a character for the night, and enjoy it with friends on a party game. Ranging from sexy to scary, there’s no shortage of possible games you could give a try if you’re attending an adults-only affair.


Horror Movie Trivia


Using classic horror movies as a basis for trivia, this can be a great chance to show off your knowledge. If you and your friends have a favourite scary TV show – a la American Horror Story, Stranger Things, or Castle Rock – this could be another source to use for trivia. Browse online for free trivia questions or come up with your own based around your favourite Halloween-friendly media.


Halloween Charades


Charades is a game that can be easily modified for the occasion and the audience. Consider finding a Halloween-friendly charades game or DIY your own. If you’re in the company of adults only, you can make your charades game as suggestive and obscene as you like.


Bobbing for Apples in Wine


Sort of like an adults-updated apple bobbing game, instead of using water, consider using an alcoholic beverage. Though something like a red wine could leave everyone looking like a vampire for the night, this is one suggestion that could be fun for some crowds. If you don’t want to use red wine though, look into other beverages that could make sense.


Death-Dodging ‘Bucket of Doom’


The Bucket of Doom Halloween party game presents different scenarios to players, encouraging them to think of how they’d escape. If you don’t want to seek out the Bucket of Doom game itself, you can always create your own with a mix of different scenarios. For example, it could be a scenario as simple as being left behind on Mars or something as obscene as being shrunk down and trapped inside an elephant’s butt. It’s all up to you how you want to build the game.


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