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If you’re looking to upgrade the storage capabilities of your home, then you might find yourself going fr


om store to store all week long looking for the perfect size, shape, and function, at the hardware store, dollar store, and so on. Well, you can forget about driving and forget about walking around big box stores. You can get everything you need online at!

organization and storage tool
organization and storage tool

We have storage and organization solutions for every part of your home: universal storage boxes, jewellery organizers, cosmetics sorters, closet organizers, and solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more!

Some of the most popular products in our catalogue include:

The SortWise™ 3-Drawer Cube Cosmetics and Makeup Organizer, at an everyday low price of just $18.59! This large, transparent plastic cube drawer features three easy sliding drawers to hold brushes, nail polish, tools, and lip gloss, as well as two organizers on top, one with a big tray and two tall bins, the other with 16 slots and one large trough, to organize your lipstick, favourite polish or gloss, tools, and everything else you use day-to-day. Compact and easy to set up, take it with you wherever you go to make sure you have everything you need.

The SortWise™ Baby Diaper Bag Bundle is available for just $20.99! Inside the box, you’ll find one large waterproof microfiber bag, measuring 40 cm x 18 cm x 30 cm, another, smaller 29.5 cm x 13 cm x 25 cm bag, a bottle holder, a food bag, and diaper pad that measures 53 cm x 30.5 cm. Each bag not only features high-quality design, waterproof microfiber, and zippered openings, but also come with a shoulder strap and loads of storage space with multiple interior pockets. It’s the ultimate solution to travelling with child and comes in pink, deep blue, light blue, purple, and black.

The SortWise™ Adjustable Wall Mounting Bike Racks are only $12.99. These adjustable, hooked bike racks (sold two per box) have many functions, working as hangers, holders, and stands that can mount to any wall, inside your apartment, garage, or hallway, giving you immediate and conveniently stowed away access to your bicycle anywhere in your home. Bearing up to 60lbs. of weight and made out of strong steel, these bicycle wall mount hangers can hold your bicycles vertically, allowing you to save the most amount of space. Their rubber hook covers protect the wheel from scratching and the epoxy finish guarantees years of corrosion and rust resistance. No assembly required, just find your wall stud and screw them in.

When you order $49 or more at, you get free shipping nationwide! We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you find yourself in Waterloo or Trois-Rivières, you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks tops for remote locations.

If you’re buying last minute, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it in a day or two, max.

For all the best home storage solutions and one-stop online shopping, visit us today at!

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