Canadians Spending more on Tech Deals this Holiday Season from

Canada is about to see record spending on Christmas tech deals 2019 and Christmas tech sales this holiday season.

According to surveys published by PwC Canada and Accenture, the average Canadian consumer will spend approximately $1,583 this year on Christmas goodies – a small increase of 4 percent compared to last year’s numbers.

When it comes to technology, more Canadians are shopping in Canada rather than going to the United States for their tech products. Approximately 41 percent of Canadians are shopping exclusively in Canada, up from last year’s 31 percent. has already seen a lot of interest in some of our home-friendly tech products including our 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker for $29.99, a dimmable LED bulbs 60-watts for $9.99, thirty-three feet of LED lights 2/pack for $22.99, a smart scale wireless for $21.99, a 4-slice toaster in classic metal brushed stainless steel for $36.99, and a 1,500-watt ceramic tower heater for $71.99.

It will be interesting to see, after the numbers come in, how long Canadians continue to favor shopping Canadian. As a Canadian-made eCommerce company, we value our customers however we can also acknowledge the threat of the duty-free item threshold being raised from $20/person to $150/person. That provides even more incentive to shop American right now.

Brands like are expected to have a big year. Needless to say, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our customers aren’t neglected or taken advantage of. Browse classic categories like Christmas supplies, small appliances, LED lights and bulbs, home storage, and home improvement deals.

Segments of Canada’s population spending the most this Christmas on tech products are predominantly males, with over half of millennial fathers and 39 percent of all generation-Z consumers increasing their Christmas spending budgets. Canadian men are expected to spend on average $1,752 this Christmas whereas women will spend a lesser $1,385. Travel packages, gifts, and entertainment are the three largest categories of spending in Canada Christmas spending.

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