Build your Own Greenhouse in your Garden for Spring-Summer 2019 and get Supplies on-sale!

Canadians with gardens love the fact that they can get started early on their gardening adventures using a portable greenhouse. Although you can go through the trouble of building your own greenhouse, if you don’t have the space to dedicate to something permanent, there’s still a lot of portable, small to large options you can set up. portable green house portable green house

If you’re looking for something portable and on the small side, we recommend picking up’s 4-tier mini greenhouse which is perfect for winter plants or warm house plants. Using a 4-tier small greenhouse, you can set it up on a balcony, deck, or patio. It’s got cold and wind resistance to keep the warmth and moisture in, and a tubular steel frame that assembles in minutes. If you’ve got a minimal garden setup at home with seeds, seedlings, or young plants you want to give a little bit more time to set before moving them out to the garden, this is perfect for that.


If you’re looking for the largest portable greenhouse option there probably is,’s 2-door walk-in greenhouse tunnel with ventilation windows are where you want to focus. No matter where you live, your walk-in greenhouse can extend the growing season significantly. Features include durable, transparent PE plastic covering, a heavy-duty iron frame resistant to rust and corrosion, zippered roll-up door, and six roll-up windows to maximize cross-ventilation and climate control.


Alternatively, has a slightly smaller version of the large model which comes with 12 shelves spread across three tiers. The benefit of having the shelves in there are that they are perfect for small plants and provide more space to put plants if you’re working with a large inventory. Both large greenhouse models can accommodate temperatures anywhere from -20 Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.


When browsing for a portable greenhouse to use for spring-summer 2019, consider the ways it can be customized for this year’s garden and next year’s. If you have long-term plans to have a lot of plants, even if it’s not happening this year, shelling out extra for the larger, 3-tier model has advantage. Regardless, you always want to ensure you’re buying according to your needs. Greenhouses may not fit your space exactly in the way you thought. For this reason, we also recommend paying attention to a greenhouse’s specifications and measurements.


Setting up your own greenhouse allows you more control over your garden. Get started early on select plants and watch your garden grow, even in the face of colder-than-expected temperatures and long before the official growing season sets in.

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