If you Like the Woods or moving in Cold Weather, these Hand Warmers work!

For wood enthusiasts, cold weather travelers, and winter fishermen, combating the cold conditions with heat can be a troublesome conundrum. Nevertheless, for all the tech gadgets and gear available out there, there’s still nothing that’ll get you as toasty warm as hand warmers.


Hand warmers can be slipped into your gloves in any configuration or can be held in your free hand. They provide you with the warmth you’re missing from the outside. If your gloves are covered with good insulation, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hang onto that heat for hours. So before you start looking to bait a hook or walk out the door to take your first step on the fresh snow-covered ground, don’t go without these.

hand warmer from Living.ca
hand warmer from Living.ca

Hand warmers work via a chemical reaction which creates heat for an extended period of time. Through Living.ca, you can buy them individually as needed or in packs. They are provided in a modern, contemporary design, sealed in an envelope. After they’ve been removed, all you need to do to create warmth is to expose them to air and shake them a little – that’s it. They’re inexpensive and usually come for less than a dollar a piece.


Choose self-heating hand warmers for warmth up to eight hours at a time, surviving conditions up to -70 Celsius. These have been designed with outdoor sports, hunting, fishing, and commuting to work in mind. The ingredients you’ll find in one of these and, in part, what causes the chemical reaction is all environmentally-safe and biodegradable items like iron, water, cellulose, vermiculite, activated carbon, and salt.


If you’re interested in self-heating hand warmers, you may be interested in self-heating foot warmers which provide up to 6 hours of warmth in weather up to -80 Celsius. Admittedly, these are one of our favourites and are regularly purchased by those who like to get out into the wilderness in the wintertime. They’re manufactured almost identical as the hand warmers, although they’ve been made specifically for the feet and are a little larger.


An alternative product to consider are Living.ca’s reusable hand warmers for $2.99. They’re very easy to use and are activated by flexing the metal disc inside the heat pack. These reusable warmers can stay warm for approximately 30 minutes.


Shop all these hand warmers and more at Living.ca. Believe us when we say the next time you venture out into the woods, you’ll be well prepared for whatever weather comes ahead as long as you have these hand warmers somewhere on your person.

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