See Canada’s Top 4 Energy-Efficient Space Heaters to keep Warm in Winter

Every winter, Canadians see their electricity bills increase and the coldness set in. For rooms struggling to keep warm in your home, you may want to equip them with a small space heater. If that’s the reality you’re dealing with, here are Canada’s top 4 space heaters perfect for winter!


Ceramic oscillating tower space heater

buy ceramic heater in Canada
buy ceramic heater in Canada

As one of the favourite space heaters bought by Canadians, this ceramic tower heater comes with 1,500 watts of power behind it. See it heat up within minutes and enjoy features such as a shut-off timer, thermostat control, overheating protection, and a remote control included. As glorious a time as winter can be some years, in others, it can be just plain miserable at times. Using a ceramic space heater like this can help maintain some warmth in the room. Don’t let that temperature drop!


Oil-filled radiator portable space heater

As the most visually stunning design you’ll see in the catalogue, this oil-filled radiator heater is a portable space heater you can bring with you anywhere in the home. It’s energy-efficient, comes with an adjustable thermometer, prioritizes safety with overheat protection, and is ETL-certified. Let’s face it. Winter can be pretty bleak. The days are short and, once Christmas has come to an end, things can get pretty stark. Investing in a space heater like this keeps you enjoyably warm.


Portable ceramic heater 750 watts/1,500 watts


A smaller version of the aforementioned tower heater, your portable ceramic heater heats up within seconds and is perfect for application on the tabletop or floor. Your portable ceramic heater can also oscillate by 70 degrees. Enjoy features like three adjustable power options, overheat protection, safety tip-over switch, an ETL certification, and of course, portability. Take this with you wherever you go, if you have to venture further out into the wilderness this winter. As long as there’s the potential for snow on the ground, you don’t want to be locked indoors without a heater to keep things toasty.


Electric heating pad

Admittedly, the last entry on this list isn’t a space heater. If you’re only one person to a room though, you might appreciate this. An electric heating pad in king-size fits neatly in a bed and can help keep you warm underneath the covers. Anyone prone to getting cold in the middle of the night, instead of reaching for the thermostat, set up your electric heating pad. Features include a coral fleece and warp knitting frabric, voltage up to 120-volts, power up to 85 watts, multiple temperature settings, overheat protection, and an automatic switch-off after 120 minutes.


Browse these 4 energy-efficient space heaters and plenty of other winter-friendly items at

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