4 Appliances to help you get the Most from a Small Kitchen

If you’re living in a small condo, apartment, or pre-war home, you’re likely working with a pretty small kitchen. Every inch of kitchen is prime real estate. If you’re looking for some cooking appliance hacks to make the most from what you’re working with, we’d love to help.

Living iron fry pan
Living iron fry pan

Sous vide

A sous vide allows you to cook food in water. Things like meat and veggies have never been so easy to cook. It requires minimal effort and even better, the sous vide can be stored anywhere. It’s no bigger than a 2-litre pop bottle. You can pull it out when you need it, cook your food, and then, wipe it down and put it back into storage. Using a sous vide, your food will always be perfectly cooked and you won’t need to take up an inch of kitchen space.

Cast iron skillet

Flat and with the promise of heating evenly across its area, a cast iron skillet is not going to leave behind any scorch marks from meat or veggies and will always leave you with a thoroughly cooked meal. For many people, their favourite kitchen small appliance is their cast iron skillet – even if it’s not a classic appliance per se. Also, cast iron is typically enameled meaning it can be cleaned in a dishwasher or sink without having to worry about rust.

Simple kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is not expensive and it’s small enough to be able to be stored almost anywhere. Pull out your kitchen scale as needed and always know you’ll have your ingredient amounts just right. If you’re a baker and/or you’re regularly having to rely on basic measurements for recipes, buying a kitchen scale is a simple way to keep things easy. We cannot recommend a kitchen scale enough.

Thin single serve coffee maker

Living.ca’s coffee maker is tailor made for small kitchens. Small in design, the 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker is perfect for brewing, ground, and capsule. If you’re a coffee lover, we’re sure you’ll love this. Place your coffee maker wherever you have some free space and you’ll never have to worry about where to grab an excellent cup of coffee. Shuts off automatically when a brew cycle is completed and it’s all in stainless steel.

In a small kitchen, serious consideration needs to be made on any decision resulting in space taken. These appliances are small, inexpensive, and provide a high value-to-space ratio. Buy these small kitchen products, appliances, and more from Living.ca today.

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