8 Surprising Foods you can Make in your Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is easy to underestimate. Many Canadians and people who purchase toaster ovens don’t oftentimes know how to get maximum use out of them. They may just see them as a smaller version of your oven. There’s a lot you can do with a toaster oven though that can give them tremendous value. Here are some ideas!


Roasted almonds

Almonds can be tossed in a sweetener of some kind like a maple syrop, honey, or sugar, and then sprinkled with some spices of your choosing like a cinnamon or salt. Toss them into your toaster oven, let them toast on a single layer, and pull them out when you’re ready to munch!


Chicken nuggets

Because of their small size, toaster ovens heat up way faster than a traditional oven does. Throw in some chicken nuggets and cook them for an identical time you would in your regular oven. Within a half-hour, you’ll have the nuggets you desire.


Small pan of cornbread

If you’re quick and smart about it, you can make some cornbread in your toaster oven. Ensure the recipe you’re using is toaster oven specific. As you modify the size and shape of cornbread and/or related bread-based dishes, cooking time will have to adjust as appropriate.


Glazed salmon

Toaster ovens are a great weapon when cooking up some glazed salmon or any number of the various fancy fish recipes out there. Like chicken, fish cooks quickly which makes them an ideal food to have in a toaster oven.


Roast chicken

That’s right, you can roast a chicken in a toaster oven if you know how to wield the controls correctly. Consult with any of the numerous recipes available online for ideas on where to get started.


Garlic-roasted green beans

Green beans don’t need to be cooked which makes them ideal to heat and bake in a small toaster oven. It doesn’t take long for green beans to heat to their center and so, spice them as you like. Then, roast them until they look good to go.



Yes, you can cook bacon in your toaster oven. Just remember they drip if they’re not contained so be sure to lay out your strips on a tray of some kind. Due to the size, you won’t be able to make a whole tray of bacon but it’s enough to help fill you up when you’re eating for one.


Sausage and peppers

Italian sausages in a bed of slice onion and peppers topping a tray to be put into your toaster oven is a fun treat. Please note you’ll have to pull out the tray a couple times throughout your roast to stir so that nothing burns.


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