Why LED Lights and Light Bulbs are so Important to a Green Environment

LED lights are some of the most acclaimed light bulbs there are and yet, there are still some retailers, households, and companies who haven’t made the switch. Inefficient lighting products are something of the past. As far as we’re concerned, they shouldn’t even be on the shelf right now – yet, in many stores, they are.

As consumers ourselves, we use LEDs because they save us money and are cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. There’s no excuse not to be using LED light bulbs in this day and age. Sadly, looking to our southern neighbor, we see a lack of priority placed on LEDs. In the United States, new lighting efficiency regulations were supposed to go into effect beginning next January. Unfortunately, the Trump administration has decided to weaken existing regulations, doing away with lighting efficiency.

The new lighting efficiency would have saved Americans more than $12 billion on their energy bills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of approximately 25 coal-burning power plants annually.

LED lighting is an important issue because, after the sun goes down, we all use light. It’s an unavoidable part of our daily lives. LED bulbs last longer by a far margin, compared to competitors. In this way and other, they’re very eco-friendly. Even if local retailers aren’t making LED bulbs available to you, you can get them from Living.ca.

Browse LED bulbs such as the A19 dimmable 60-watt equivalent bulb, the 4” LED down-light 65-watt equivalent, the PAR30 dimmable LED bulb 70-watt equivalent, the PAR38 non-dimmable LED bulb 110-watt equivalent, the ST10 dimmable filament LED bulb 60-watt equivalent, the PAR38 dimmable LED bulb 120-watt equivalent, or the A19 dimmable LED bulb 80-watt equivalent.

As evidenced in Living.ca’s catalogue, there are many different types and looks to LED bulbs worth considering. In this day and age, it’s important that we continue to move towards a green future. Living.ca wants to do its part, which is why we have continued to expand on our original LED light offerings with new products having been added throughout the past year.

In Canada, next to vehicle fuel economy standards, the second biggest energy saving opportunity there is are in our lightbulbs. It has been estimated, in Canada, by switching to LED bulbs and nothing more, we can save up to $34.3 billion in cumulative savings for consumers while minimize total emissions down by $5.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide between now and 2025. For these reasons, Living.ca continues to be a premiere seller and provider of high quality LED light bulbs and LED lights.

Featured Photo by Zain Ali from Pexels

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