Turn your Bath Time into a Luxurious Escape with these Bath Care Products

Bath care products can work wonders at turning your everyday bath into a properly pampered experience. If you really want to enjoy a bath, you’ve got to make time for it. There are plenty of products you can add to your bath experience but you shouldn’t do it sloppily. Here are some ideas on how to get your bath time just right.

Setting the scene.

Ambience and mood count for a lot in any bath experience. If you want a luxurious bath, you’re going to need at least a half hour without interruptions. Consider lighting a scented candle or burning incense to get the room smelling romantic, dim the lights if you can or turn them off completely in favor of a candle, and maybe even put on a playlist of peaceful music. All this creates the atmosphere tailored to your relaxation.

Time to soak away your troubles.

Getting into the water, it’s not just about having it warm. Consider using some energizing bath oils or creams to mix things up a bit, leaving your skin moisturized and smelling lovely. For anyone prone to dry or uneven skin, buy a bath body scrub to help exfoliate and wash away the dead skin. You may also want to employ some facial moisturizers or exfoliators to cover all your bases while in the bath.

Post-bath relaxation.

After you’ve had some time to enjoy your bath time, getting out doesn’t mean the pampering is over. You’ve still got heat on the skin which is great for anyone who wants to rub in a body oil and/or apply moisturizers. This can be a relaxing way to ease your way back into the real world sans bath. The whole process of preparing, taking the bath, and then, going through your post-bath routine, it can admittedly be a lot to remember. Although you don’t want to create responsibilities for yourself, you may wish to write down all the things you hope to do while in there. That way, nothing will be left out.

What bath products are right for me?

When it comes to bath care, everybody’s different. Some may prefer an absorbent weaved hair towel and 2-sided shower bath brush, while others can appreciate a microfiber cosmetic facial cleansing towel and a loofah body scrubber. It all depends on the person. In the Living.ca catalogue, there are plenty of bath care products to browse including foot scrubs, oils, foaming scrubs, body lotions, and more.

Featured Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

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