What’s the Best Face Mask for my Skin Type and How to Know What Works for me

Each person has different skin concerns they want handled when they buy a face mask. Somewhat complicating things, there are literally hundreds of face masks out there to choose from. Some face masks are specially tailored for specific skin types or conditions, which is why there’s no one size fits all. Dark spots, acne breakouts, dull-looking skin, hormonal breakouts, redness, and/or dryness are all handled differently. Here’s a guide to what the best face mask is for your skin type or condition.


Acne prone skin should be treated with acne-specific face masks as you don’t want to worsen any skin irritation. Sulfur, niacinamide, and zinc are all great anti-acne ingredients that’ll help reduce breakouts, redness, and keep pores clean.


If your skin is irritated from an infection, a bad reaction to medication, or from allergies, a mask focusing on complexion can work to minimize this appearance. Botanicals, dipeptides, and hyaluronic acid are all things which can help calm and reduce redness in a face mask.

Dull skin

For dull skin, you want a face mask that’s going to leave your skin clear, glowy, and radiant. Anything with ingredients like vitamin C are skin brightening ingredients. These will help to fade dark spots out and leave skin looking more exciting. Subsequently, you want a face mask that’s hydrating and which will sooth the skin as skin brighteners can be quite harsh. Thankfully, there’s several all-natural skin brightening face masks out there to try.

Fine lines and wrinkles

For fine lines and wrinkles, you’re going to want to look for anti-aging face masks, filled with ingredients like retinol or soothing chlorella plant extract. If your fine lines and wrinkles are in a specific area, such as under or around the eyes, you may also choose to purchase a face mask specific to this region of the face. Especially around the eyes, this is very thin and sensitive skin. Always opt for a face mask with soothing elements around this skin.

Large, clogged pores

Unclogging pores is said to be best done with a clay face mask. That said, buyer beware. Clay face masks can dry out the skin so you may want to try and find an alternative that focuses specifically on unclogging pores or shrinking pores.


Hydration and moisturizing is one of the easier effects to accomplish with a face mask. This is also the most common type of face mask, with formulas focusing on ingredients that nourish and soothe the skin.

If you’re still unsure about what face mask is right for your skin type and condition, stick to the keywords you want. Browse Living.ca today to find some of the best face masks in Canada, available at consumer-friendly deals and exclusives.

Featured Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

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