Five Ways to Save Big This Prime Day 2019 with Our Best-kept Secret Deals from

July 15 and July 16 are this year’s two-day Prime Day sale. Sort of like a Black Friday in July, it’s easily the biggest shopping day of the summer. Every year,’s Canada-only Prime Day sale grows a little bit bigger.’s warehouse is fully stocked and ready to help our customers save big across household supplies, pets, storage products, small kitchen appliances, and more. The savings are very real! Beyond the on-the-surface discounts, there are other ways to make the most of the online shopping holiday. Here’s how you can save even more and plan appropriately for the day ahead!

1 – Sign in early.

Prime Day benefits those who shop early. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to do your shopping. The best deals last only as long as the stock’s in. By getting in early at, you’ll ensure you aren’t missing out on anything.

2 – Set up your station the day before.

There are huge savings on Prime Day but they come in limited quantities. To save on time, set up your laptop the night before and know what you’re going to do from the moment you get up, such as what products you want and from what sites you want to visit.

3 – Bookmark your favourites.

Don’t try shopping through the whole site on Prime Day. Instead, you want to check days ahead of time, bookmark the products you want, and then, come July 15, it becomes just a matter of signing on, filling your cart, and checking out with the discounts!

4 – Familiarize yourself with options.

Even if you have a strict list of what you want to walk away with, it doesn’t hurt to know your alternatives or complimentary products. Doing your homework, again, you won’t feel like you missed out on a deal you find out about down the line. Also, if you’re flexible about the products you’re looking for, you may be able to find a better deal on an alternative.

5 – Don’t stick to Amazon on Prime Day.

The biggest mistake people make on Prime Day 2019 will be to stick with Amazon exclusively. Though they surely have some decent deals and promotions going on, you can also find more than 250 brands offering Prime Day deals in North America, some accessible to Canadians and others not so much. It’s worth checking out sites like, as an alternative and off-brand from Amazon.

We will have literally 100s of products on discount of up to 75% off, including all your favourite household supplies and snacks. Join on July 15 to enjoy free shipping with no minimum or alternatively, 15% on all orders site-wide . THAT’S how you save on Prime Day in Canada.

Feature Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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