Best Gifts for Kids You Can Get Delivered to Your Front Door Today!

Buying a gift for your kids, you obviously want them to be happy and you want it to be easy on you in terms of getting whatever you’re buying from the warehouse to your home. There are absolutely awesome gifts for kids from that promise no-hassle delivery anywhere in Canada. If you’re buying for a kid’s birthday or just want to give them something to enjoy this summer, here are some options.

Banana pillow

The large plush stuffed banana pillow is a lovable addition to anyone’s bed or bedroom. Kids’ emoji soul will love this banana cushion doll. It’s a nice piece of home décor to make a room fun. Plush, soft fabric that’s very comfortable on the skin, it’s a nice decorative pillow and perfect to enjoy while sleeping, watching TV, or surfing the Internet.

Indoor play tent

A teepee-style indoor play tent for kids gives them an easy starting point for a playhouse. Using pine wood poles, this children’s playhouse design isn’t as rugged as a backyard camping tent however inside the home, it can be easy set up and is perfect! For kids, they’ll enjoy the sense of security it provides and it gives them enough space inside to play with dolls, cars, blocks, or any toys.

Kids-sized thermal bottle

A kids sized thermal bottle is a cute way to encourage a child to drink more water and ensure they stay hydrated when you’re out and about. Colorful animal faces occupy the front of the bottle. It grips easy, is fun to look at, and kids will enjoy being able to carry around with them a beverage or their favourite drink while they’re in the car or out for an adventure with mom or dad.

Bamboo kids art easel

To stoke your child’s artistic tendencies, a nice gift to encourage them to pursue their creativity is this wooden-style bamboo standing art easel. When you buy yours from, you not only receive the art easel and drawing board but it comes with free shipping and a number of accessories. They’ll get 26 colorful magnetic letters, board erasers, a box of chalks, chalk holders, paper rollers, dry-erase markers, and more. is a great place to shop for parents trying to scavenge and search out a gift for kids. Receive shipping to your front door and don’t worry about having to find a ride or time to shop Walmart or anywhere else. A busy mom or dad doesn’t have time. Just grab a cup of tea and settle in to browse one of Canada’s top lifestyle brands. Shop today.

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