What’s the Science Behind a Wake-Up Light?

Our brain require sleep in any given 24 hour period to maintain our physical and mental health. Without sleep, we’re impaired in a big way. Sleep is filled with necessary restorative processes, helping us live full, healthy lives. During sleep, our brains go through unique activity patterns. In fact, for some people, their brains are more active when they’re asleep compared to when they’re awake.

A wake-up light simulates the sun rising. This is the most natural way to wake up and through continued use, they can be used to resolve circadian rhythm disorders and remedy complex sleep-wake cycles.

In as little as three days, a person’s sleep-wake cycle can be disrupted. Over time, symptoms similar to depression can begin to occur from this sort of disrupted sleep pattern. The people most likely to be at risk of sleep disorders include anyone who’s experienced a time zone change recently, if medications are causing insomnia, if there are medical issues like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, or if you are suffering from mental illness, pregnant, or stressed.

Through a wake-up light simulating the sun, you’re tricking your body into re-balancing your circadian rhythm. If you aren’t getting your full 7-9 hours of sleep – something which is required to have proper cognitive functioning – this could be a way to solve it. According to studies, Canadians are working more than they ever did, are sleeping less than they ever have, and are not outside as much as we used to be. The result is a perfect set of circumstances for a sleep disorder.

Using light and darkness with a wake-up light, in up to 80% of people, a healthy sleep cycle can be established within a few days. Alternatively, there are estimates suggesting wake-up light therapy is 99% successful at remedying seasonal affective disorder and circadian rhythm disorder. Sleep disturbance studies and insomnia treatment centers use a version of wake-up lights every day. Improvements are seen in most people within 7 days.

If you use a wake-up light in Canada, start your sunrise simulation 20 minutes before when you need to wake up. Some wake-up light alarms also have FM radio, Bluetooth, and more to help combine an audio component. Customize it according to the experience you want to have at morning. Take charge of your sleeping habits and see how far you can get with a sunrise simulation. You may be surprised at its effectiveness!

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