Reduce Plastic Waste with a Reusable Zipper Bag for Food and Snacks!

Considering the amount of single-use, disposable plastics we have in our grocery stores and in retail, it’s downright shocking there isn’t more attention paid to the growing plastic waste problem. Since the 1950s, more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced – only 9% of this has been recycled. This means the other 91% is just taking up space either in our landfills or in environments such as our lakes and oceans. From now until 2050, another 12 billion tonnes of plastic will add on top of the mess we’ve already created. Here are some quick facts on how Canada uses plastics.

  • 3 billion single-use plastic bags are used in Canada every year.
  • In 2019, Canada will only recycle approximately 11% of the plastics we’ve consumed.
  • Canada throws away more than 57 million single-use plastic straws every single day.
  • More than 700 species of marine animals are threatened because of growing plastic waste in our oceans.

Unfortunately, the convenience of a Ziploc bag has meant plastic that is not biodegradable. Instead of using something that’s only causing problems for our environment, use a plastic that can be reused. A reusable Ziplock bag is the answer. Choose the size you want and use it for anything from candy to coffee beans, oats, nuts, cookies, salts, spices, and more. A 10-pack of these gives us the ability to do away with damaging plastic bags and to instead, surrender to a different future – one that prioritizes the eco-friendliness of our plastics.

Looking at the design of this reusable zipper bag for food and snacks, you’ll see three different sizes. Anything kept inside is kept completely dry and fresh. The matte rectangle window creates ease to see inside and ensure your product’s still good. The inner membrane also keeps your snacks or food completely waterproof, moisture-free, and with leak prevention. It opens easy, closes easy, and more. By going with a reusable bag, you’re not losing anything. In fact, you’re gaining something special. Any household can significantly cut down on their plastic waste, reducing their waste output even more.

There’s a lot at risk in our environmental future. If we reduce our plastic waste as a country, Canada can take a huge dent into our waste problem domestically. Our landfill space is highly valuable, and in this day and age, there is no reason to be using this space with plastic. Join a revolution with eco-friendly plastic use, employing reusables over single-use disposables.

LIVINGBasics Reusable Zip Lock Paper Bag, 10 pc
  • Available in three different sizes


  1. So unnecessary! When they finally get contaminated with moisture recycling depots must send them to a facility which burns them, just like the ordinary plastic film zipper bags. I’m a careful shopper and still get stuck with a multitude of paper/foil/plastic bags that serve just as well as these NEW purchases and prevent further additions to household waste.

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