Kill Germs At Home

Cold and flu germs are carried in households and spaces all over the country. Lack of sanitizing and germ-killing unfortunately allows these sorts of things to breed. We’re here to put a stop to that. Here are ways for you to kill germs at home, with everything you need.

First step, we’re going to be tackling a lot of different surfaces. You will need a multi-surface all-purpose spray cleaner that can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. The Mr. Clean brand is safest, with no ammonia, bleach, or chlorine in the spray. You can use this to cut through ugly grease, freshen up garbage cans, and eliminate odors.

Another tool you may want to have on-hand are Lysol disinfecting wipes. Though wipes aren’t needed as much as the spray, they are very handy in tackling electronics like smartphones, tablets, remote controls, and anything you can handle in your hands. A Lysol wipe is very safe, eliminating 99.99 percent of all bacteria and germs.

The toilet and bathroom is a natural breeding ground for germs. A lot of households neglect cleaning the toilet and other surfaces inside the washroom. Over time, the dirtiness of these areas can unfortunately catch a whole lot of bacteria and germs. Use a toilet bowl cleaner to kill bacteria, eliminate water stains and rust stains, and remove mineral deposits from inside the toilet.

It’s not enough simply to have these products on-hand. You’ve got to know how to use them. Look towards common touch-points. Where do you put your hands over the course of the day – doorknobs, countertops, tables, remotes, devices, fridge handle, light switches, faucets, appliances, staircase railing, and more. Sanitize these spaces. A simple spray and wipe should do it.

If you really want to kill germs at home, turn on the washer and start piling in linens, pillows, blankets, couch pillows and throws, and more. Any fabrics laying around the house collecting dust, germs, and bacteria should be run through the washer and cleaned. Most homes don’t complete this step but germs are kind of like lice. They can live anywhere. Neglect to clean blankets or couch pillows and you could still have them living there waiting to make an impact.

While you have the washer going, you may also want to run through any tablecloths, towels, washcloths, and dirty clothes hanging around on your floor. Use hot water in an antibacterial cycle, if you have it.

Lastly, look to your waste baskets. Always go over garbage cans and waste baskets with disinfecting wipes or a spray. These places are commonly being hit with dirty tissues and all sorts of germs. While you’re plunging everything else through a careful clean, don’t forget the importance of killing the germs at every touch-point they’re hitting in the home.

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