6 Small Kitchen Appliances to Maximize Space for Condos and Apartments

Condos and apartments aren’t always blessed with spacious kitchens. Even when a unit’s advertised as ‘spacious’ and featuring ‘top-of-the-line appliances’, it’s often a generous description.

If you’re moving into a new condo or apartment, a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have fancy appliances. Here’s a quick list of 6 small kitchen appliances that maximize space in apartments and condos.

Single-serve coffee maker

Coffee lovers, hear us out. You need your coffee. We get it. There’s nothing better than getting your coffee direct from the bean. A single-serve coffee maker is skinny and easily placed into corners or edges that can’t otherwise be filled.

Electric coffee grinder

Get your own coffee beans. Grind them yourself. Make a real cup of coffee. An electric coffee grinder is a major get. Don’t think the joy starts and ends at coffee, either. You can use an electric grinder to prepare toppings, spices, herbs, and all sorts of ingredients.

1,500-watt smoothie mixer

File this one under skinny as well. A blender and smoothies mixer you can take out, use, and put away. This frees up space on your countertops. If you use your smoothies mixer enough, of course, it’s tall enough to keep out without taking up valuable countertop space.

Electric kettle

A stainless steel electric kettle is an inexpensive kitchen appliance it doesn’t hurt to have in the cupboard. Even if you’re not a big tea drinker or hot chocolate fan, you never know when you might have someone over who is. We’re just saying, it’s a nice thing to offer on a rough day or warming up on a winter’s day.

16-in-1 programmable pressure cooker

Why we love this programmable pressure cooker for condos is that there’s so much you can create with it. You won’t ever go hungry. Make yogurt, reheat leftovers, bake, use it to sauté or brown, use it as a hot pot, steam potatoes, boil pasta or make a stew, slow cook a dish, steam vegetables, make rice, and more.

Professional deep fryer with basket

Stop going out for fast food. If you like salty, fried foods, pick up a skinny condo-size deep fryer instead. This way, not only do you save money by staying home but you can experiment with original recipes that you can impress your friends with. It’s easy. Just set it and drop it!

Don’t let the size of your condo kitchen decide for you how much you get to enjoy it. Shop appliances like these and others at Living.ca today.

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