Hot Trendy Bathroom Accessories to Get You Excited About Using the Space

The bathroom’s a make or break room. Even if you live alone, you should be excited about a bathroom visit. A notoriously tricky space to style, with the right bathroom accessories, it’s well doable.

A bathroom, first and foremost, has got to work as a functional bathroom. You won’t want to create a busy feeling in the room. You want relaxation, prettiness, a little personality, and natural flourishes of color.

LED toilet night light

We all have to wake up to go pee at night. Don’t turn the light on. An LED toilet night light will provide all the light you need. It gives a bathroom a more luxurious, high-class look. Any overnight guests should be impressed.

Decorative window films

Not all bathrooms have windows. Those that do, you want a little privacy from them obviously. Assuming you aren’t already set up with a window design, a number of 3D decorative window films are available. Choose the most stylish, pretty design that says you. This is a simple way to infuse a bathroom space with a personality it doesn’t already have.

Bamboo bathtub caddy tray

Long baths with a little wine and a movie on your tablet. Have yours with a bamboo bathtub caddy tray. This isn’t so much about style as it is function. It’s a nice thing to offer yourself or to anyone else using your tube. A cute caddy tray like this will completely change the bathtub dynamic. It’ll give you another reason to relax in hot water after a day’s work.

Fast-dry microfiber memory foam bath mat

Stepping out of your shower, it shouldn’t be on a towel or an old rug. Get something new. Your feet feel like they’re resting on a cloud, atop a memory foam bath mat. A mat contributes a function and style. As bathrooms can be small spaces, the types of accessories you choose to include should hit the mark on style as well as having an actual purpose in there.

Premium cotton towels

Do yourself a favor. Pay a little more on your bathroom towels. It’s worth it! No cheap towels. They’re abrasive on the skin and they don’t always work well. Nothing feels as good as an absorbent super-soft cotton towel. If there’s one thing you want to treat yourself on, set yourself up with a high-quality cotton bath towel. You’ll feel so much better after a shower, you won’t hesitate to jump in again the next day just to have your time in the towel.

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