I’ve Just Bought a Puppy. What Do I Need for Pet Supplies?

Prepping a house for a new dog is a lot of work. It’s a must though. You don’t want to be running around on the day you have your new pup, trying to get everything you need on a limited schedule.

New puppy pet supplies are a necessity for getting a new doggy comfortable and at ease. This guide’s for new pet owners who may not know what they need to start with. So before puppy’s brought home, make sure you’ve got these basics covered.

Dog eating and drinking supplies

What your dog’s definitely going to do is eat, drink, and poop. On the subject of eating and drinking, you want a dedicated puppy bowl for food and a puppy bowl for water. It doesn’t require anything fancy a la a pet water fountain or electric automatic pet feeder. Plastic or stainless steel diner dishes work.

Dog walking supplies

Every dog or puppy has to be walked. You’re going to need two things to do this. The first is a harness. The second is a leash. Both can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you like. Dog harnesses, leashes, and collars should be unbreakable and high-quality. You want your puppy secure and with no risk of becoming tangled around anything.

Dog toys and accessories

Dog toys might seem optional if you’re a new puppy owner. Unfortunately, they’re not. Whether you’ve bought a young puppy or a dog, they’re going to get bored and will want something to fixate on. A new puppy, in particular, will have lots of energy. As long as you have dog toys, this protects furniture, you at times, and others. It’s also important a dog knows how to play.

Dog cleaning accessories

Dogs shed. They also poop. At minimum, ensure you have dog poop bags to collect waste. Biodegradable scented waste bags do exist. These are easy to use and draw from a box like Kleenex. Waste bags are used inside for accidents and outside on walks. Thankfully, they’re affordable. You will need them.

Dog grooming accessories

There are all sorts of dog grooming accessories out there but the majority are optional. The only grooming tool you absolutely want are pet nail clippers. You don’t want your puppy’s nails growing long. You will be the one trimming them. It’s easy to do but impossible without professional-grade pet net clippers. Pick yours up.

A new puppy is a big responsibility. How to train a puppy is going to take some time. Young or older, it’s a new household for them. As they’re learning the rules of your home, ensure there are enough pet supplies to keep them happy.

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