7 Spring Theme Party Ideas for Birthdays, Easter, and Celebrations

We’ve come upon winter’s end. Our environment is slowly transforming itself into exquisite blooming flowers and butterflies. It’s the perfect excuse to throw a party.

So many opportunities exist. Weddings. Birthday parties. Baby showers. Easter brunch. Or something a little more casual. These all call for fun theme party supplies, an exclusive invite list, and a celebratory approach. Here are 7 of our favourite spring theme party ideas for any occasion.

Vintage wood and steel

It’s not quite summer yet but if you’re having friends and family over to hang out outdoors, go vintage. A combination of old wood, steel, and 1950s-era Coca-Cola logos give off a real throwback vibe. This also blends well with very basic spring pastel colors.

Strawberry birthday theme

Spring strawberry makes for easy-to-find theme party supplies. Strawberry iconography exists across things like artwork, glassware, and containers. If you don’t want to go all-out with many references to strawberry, keep red and white and build a new birthday theme from there.

Woodland Easter

The ultimate Easter theme party. Go rustic with natural woods, farm eggs, and faux or real greenery. You may also want to use something like centerpieces of moss and twigs, if you’re fortunate to have a place to get them.

Garden-style floral theme

Spring brings with it gardens. Express it! Feminine floral themes are always pretty. If it’s a little traditional for you, a more contemporary earthy, terracotta theme is similar yet unique and surprising in its own way.

Big and bold

Classic birthday party colors with big blues, reds, greens, yellows, and more. If you’re going to decide on a classic birthday party theme, lean into it a little. Nothing’s wrong with bold colors. Add on to that some classic birthday party iconography and you’ve got a timeless event.

Blue, white, and yellow

A great combination of spring colors is blue, white, and yellow. They work just as well on spring picnic themes as they do in the kitchen for pasta night or lunchtime snack. Add to that similar colors in flowers and décor, and you’ve got a perfect party theme.

Premium party theme

Party decorations don’t have to be colorful. They just have to look good. You don’t have to shell out $1,000s for a premium party look. Instead, grab some premium party supplies and a few delicious foods from your favourite restaurant to balance it out.

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