5 of the Best Fitness Accessories for Women Under $50

No woman enters the gym to waste time. We want to look better. We want to feel better. Accessories can help.

Fitness accessories for women under $50 do exist. They make working out easier than ever. You can even get a fitness session in at home with some of these. Here are Canada’s 5 best fitness accessories for women.

Waist trainer

A waist training belt does several things. It gives your core more support during workouts. It can also help shape your body and give it a more hourglass shape. It can be used as a girdle, fat trimmer, and more. Studies have shown you actually burn fat faster in gym training with a waist belt like this. Made from premium quality polyester and spandex, it’s comfortable to wear and will help your workout a ton.

Resistance bands

For beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts, get in a full-body workout with an 11-piece resistance band set. Color-coded, the difficulty goes up to 75 pounds of resistance. Use these at a gym or at home. Why women like them is their portability. You can get a workout in whenever. Hotel room. At home. Early in the morning before work. Whenever and wherever.

Gymnastic rings

Complimentary to resistance bands are fitness gymnastic rings. Push-ups. Iron cross. Dips. Pull-ups. So many exercises can be done with rings. As a woman, they give a fun and athletic feel you’re sure to appreciate. With rings, you’re activating a real full-body workout. Like other fitness accessories on this list, the level of difficulty is adjustable. Start small and work your way up through advanced exercises. Gymnastic rings are also used in physical therapy to help stabilize and strengthen muscles.

Dual stability ab wheel

There’s no better ab workout out there than with this dual stability ab wheel. Work out your core like never before. The great thing about this fitness accessory is it’s adjustable according to the workout. If you’re a beginner, you can modify a workout to be easier. If you want a challenge, there are modifications you can make that increase difficulty. An ab wheel will work your entire body though it focuses well on the upper body. It even comes with a knee mat!

Exercise mat

Dozens of exercise routines can be performed at home. Yoga. Tai chi. Aerobic exercise tapes. What do they all have in common – they use an exercise mat. This thick gym mat is meant for home use. They give you a safe place to stretch, do yoga, and perform beginner-to-advanced bodyweight exercises. It’s multifunctional, non-slop, and multi-purpose.

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