Benefits of Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans with an Electric Coffee Grinder

The experience of grinding your own coffee beans and creating some amazing-tasting coffee from it is amazing. Buying coffee pre-ground has its advantages, sure. Save yourself the 30 seconds. Then again, if all it takes is 30 seconds to grind your coffee beans and prepare an outstanding cup of coffee, wouldn’t you want to – here are the benefits.

More flavor

The flavor of coffee can be intoxicating. Unfortunately, ground coffee beans lose almost 60 percent of their flavor within 15 minutes of exposure to air. This is why, when you ground coffee beans, you will get a much more aromatic and flavorful coffee.

Whole bean natural freshness

A coffee bean contains over 400 volatile organic compounds and oils. They are preserved. Cracking a bean open, it exposes those compounds and their magic slowly begins to disappear. Grinding the beans yourself, you maximize the natural nutritional components of coffee.

More bean oil

A lot of the flavor in coffee beans comes from the oils. Once beans have been ground, the oil dissipates. The oils evaporate albeit slowly. The longer you wait to make a cup of coffee from ground beans, the more oils, aromas, and flavor you lose.

Get more control

When you ground coffee beans, you get control. Grind your beans according to how you like them. French presses benefit from coarse beans while drip brewing machines prefer medium ground coffee, as an example. There are also different techniques to grind coffee beans. You might want to add things to your ground coffee to create a different taste or practice modifications to get a better cup.

The aromas fill the kitchen!

If you love the smell of coffee, grinding your own coffee beans will fill your kitchen with the fragrance of caffeine and coffee. It’s like living in your own coffee shop. It really changes the experience of drinking coffee.

Where to buy an electric coffee grinder in Canada

Take the extra couple moments and grind your own coffee beans. It’s 30 seconds to get your day off on the right foot. Before you get going though, it takes an electric bean grinder.

Buying an electric coffee grinder, it’s not just for coffee beans. You can grind any kind of bean as well as herbs, spices, nuts, grain, and similar materials. LIVINGbasics has a great coffee bean grinder with the capacity to make 12-14 cups with it. Choose between grinding coarse, medium, or fine powder. Get your coffee grinder today from

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