Is Easter Cancelled From Coronavirus? How You Can Still Have a Fun Easter Party This Year!

Coronavirus cases are rising. Canada continues to struggle to contain coronavirus to those infected. New cases are presenting every day. This begs many questions. One of the lesser important ones – yet one a lot of kids are asking – is what’s going to happen to Easter?

Is Easter cancelled this year?

Before the panic sets in, no Easter has not been cancelled. Easter happens this year on April 12, 2020.

So here’s what we know – Easter’s still on. That said, what we don’t know is what the state of coronavirus in Canada will be or whether current emergency recommendations will be lifted.

Will there still be Easter events with coronavirus spreading?

A lot of public Easter celebrations, parties, and egg hunts have been, unfortunately, cancelled.

Communities, malls, and department stores have cancelled their events. Even the White House has made the decision not to move forward with their annual Easter Egg Roll due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Will I be allowed to invite other family and friends over for Easter?

Though we don’t know what restrictions will be in place come Easter, it isn’t recommended to throw an all-is-welcome Easter party. Gatherings are discouraged. Sharing foods, Easter eggs, gifts, packaging, balloons, and more. It’s a lot of opportunity for coronavirus to transfer.

Don’t worry! You can still have your Easter party

You can still throw an amazing Easter party for you and the kids. It just won’t be a usual big gathering of family and friends.

Start with Easter theme party decorations like Easter egg decorative lanterns, a cute Easter rectangular plastic table cover, honeycomb ball garland, bunny tinsel décor, and dip an eye dye kits.

Look at ways you can present your Easter candy, like in baskets, tote bags, paste plastic eggs, classic ribbon Easter bamboo baskets, Easter candy bags, and more. Grocery stores will remain open and Easter candy is, thankfully, readily available.

Surround yourself with Easter iconography like luncheon Easter napkins, Easter paper cups, bunnies, Easter dinner plates, and more. You may even find some DIY Easter decorations and crafts to make the day feel special.

This year, Easter’s going to take a little creativity. That’s all. Don’t let the coronavirus hurt your feeling of Easter. Throw an Easter party for the kids. Have a little fun. If you want to include family and friends, Skype in for a few minutes though be sure not to rub in your festivities. Visit for all your Easter party decorations and more.

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