How Does a Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Work – Benefits, Pros, And Tips

Insomnia cases this year will hit a record high in Canada. More of us are experiencing sleep troubles than ever before. We worry about work. We worry about family. A lot of us have experienced a big financial hit from the spread of coronavirus. Needless to say, there’s always something to think about that keeps us awake.

A wake up light alarm clock offers a different insomnia approach than the usual advice and pharmaceutical medications. A wake up light alarm clock – you may have seen them – is also sometimes referred to as a sunrise simulator. It simulates the sun. It gives a gentle wakeup that doesn’t come from audio or a buzzer. It comes from light. Add to that the functionality this beautiful sleep aid gives and it’s an excellent addition to any bedroom.

The benefits of a wake up light are immediately noticeable. You will find getting out of bed way easier. You will feel more rested, happier, and ultimately be healthier. The design of the wake up light incorporates both sunrise and sunset. What this does is trains your brain to recognize its bedtime and wake-up time. Just like human beings have done for centuries – using the sun as their sleeping pill – a wake up light mimics this.

Adjust the light and brightness according to whichever atmosphere you like. Say you don’t just want a standard white light. Choose from green, blue, purple, red, and other colors. The touchscreen makes it easy to adjust the color and change other settings. To that point, if your sunrise alarm clock isn’t giving you the performance you want, it still works as a traditional alarm clock. Tap into a catalogue of natural sounds, have the snooze function ready to go, and add some colored light of your choosing to the room.

A sunrise simulator alarm clock incorporates Bluetooth capabilities which makes it easy to sync your favourite podcast, music, or bedtime sounds to it. Whether it’s for children, teenagers, athletes, professionals, those affected by insomnia, or heavy sleepers, your sunrise simulator is perhaps the most gradual, natural way to wake you up. No noisy music or talk radio. No unnecessary buzzers. You set it, you forget it, and you wake up naturally.

A lot of people really like tapping into the nature sounds included in the alarm clock. Instead of beeping or FM radio – both of which you can choose from – there’s birds singing, water running, forest sounds, ocean waves, wind, and more.

For the best quality sleep you can receive, don’t go with medications and unsustainable behaviours. A wake up light alarm clock from is natural, effective, and adds an atmosphere to a room you and your partner will love.

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