See the Ultimate Guide to Creating a Coffee Bar in Your Kitchen

Coffee’s the ultimate morning booster. They make the sun feel a little warmer and the day a bit brighter.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen, anyone can have a coffee bar. If you customize it to your liking, with the appliances and storage you need, it can come out looking fabulous.

Creating a coffee station in your kitchen starts with a coffee maker. That said, a coffee station goes a lot further than a coffee maker. Here are some coffee accessories, kitchen accessories and coffee makers to look for in designing your kitchen coffee space.

Coffee Maker

You’ve got a wide range of coffee makers to choose from. If you don’t have a lot of space, a single serve coffee maker is thin, effective, and gets the job done. For a coffee-loving household with multiple people or if you have a larger kitchen to work with, a 12-cup programmable coffee maker on a 24-hour clock is a great way to go.

Coffee Mugs

You can’t have a coffee station if you don’t have some premium coffee mugs to fill. There are coffee mug sets you can enjoy in your kitchen. There are also travel coffee mugs you can take with you to work or on-the-go.

Bamboo K-Cup Storage

A sliding tray to hold your favourite coffees. If you love K-cups, coffee pods, or coffee capsules, this bamboo storage unit is a great addition. You get easy access and a place to put your capsules so that they always look neat. You’ll enjoy the look an eco-friendly bamboo K-cup storage tray gives you. You can even put your coffee maker right on top, to maximize your space.

Espresso Machine

If you really want to impress, for espresso-lovers, an espresso machine takes things to a whole different level. Buying an espresso machine, you’ve got to have the space for it of course. Fortunately, it can not only make espresso but acts as a regular coffee maker, is a milk frother, and can make caffeinated drinks ranging from cappuccinos and lattes to mokas.

Setting up a coffee station is easy, affordable, and can have a big impact on your day-to-day. Improve your mornings. Set yourself up with something nice. If you’re starting every day off with a cup of coffee, there’s no excuse not to have a system in place to get you the best cup every morning. Choose a coffee maker that suits you! Visit today.

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