K-Cups or Coffee Pods, Which is Better?

Single-serve coffee. These are readymade single portions of coffee either in a coffee pod or what’s referred to as a K-Cup. Some mistakenly believe coffee pods and K-Cups are the same thing. They aren’t. To use a K-Cup, you must have a K-Cup machine. To use coffee pods, you require a coffee maker that can accommodate them. K-Cups and coffee pods aren’t interchangeable.

What is a coffee pod?

A coffee pod is coffee sealed inside filter paper. They are often round and flat, soft and pliable.

What is a K-Cup?

K-Cups are made by Keurig. They are exclusive to the Keurig coffee brand. A K-Cup is coffee sealed in a cartridge, usually a plastic cup. A plastic ring covers the top with foil. Inside is lined with a filter. When a K-Cup is placed in a brewer, two needs puncture the lid and bottom. Water flows through the top. Coffee is extracted out through the bottom.

What are the pros and cons of coffee pods?

Coffee pods come with a lot of benefits. They give better coffee extraction, are more aromatic compared to brewing, and are made with less packaging waste.

The drawback of choosing coffee pods is that it can be harder to find coffee pod brewing equipment. There are fewer flavors and options available, and they aren’t always easily found in grocery stores.

What are the pros and cons of K-Cups?

K-Cups are considered by many to be better than coffee pods. The selection of blends and varieties are more plentiful, they are affordable, and it’s all in a self-contained capsule. You couldn’t make a more convenient cup of coffee.

There are some cons to buying K-Cups, unfortunately. They are higher-priced when buying branded K-Cups rather than alternatives. They aren’t always as flavorful as coffee pods – many report this. K-Cups also produce somewhat more waste, with their plastic cup, foil lid, and ring.

Where do I put all my K-Cups?

Once you get into the habit of buying coffee pods and K-Cups, you need some place to put them. They can’t just be strewn around the kitchen countertops. An easy way to keep them is using a storage drawer.

An eco-friendly bamboo K-Cup and coffee pod storage drawer is essentially a sliding tray. It provides thirty-six compartments, each able to hold a K-Cup or coffee pod. It’s easy to use. A coffee maker can be placed on top to save space.

Let us know. Between K-Cups and coffee pods, which do you prefer? Get your Living.ca K-Cup storage today.

Featured photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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