Is A Face Shield Better Than A Mask in the Fight Against COVID-19 – See Here

There’s been a noticeable lack of clarity in Canada on what face masks can do for COVID-19, what types of face masks work to protect from coronavirus infection, and their overall effectiveness.

An effort to boost Canada’s PPE supply has meant looking at alternatives to the surgical face masks we’ve seen in many healthcare settings. One such alternative is a safe face shield to protect against COVID-19.

Face shields provide full transparency and no vision obscuring. They are breathable and also protect the full face which isn’t something a medical-grade surgical face mask or N95 mask accomplishes.

Normally, they’d be used to protect the eye, mouth, and nose from shrapnel and/or flying materials. Can face shields be used for coronavirus – in many situations, absolutely, yes.

For infection to occur with COVID-19, it must come into contact with one’s eyes, nose, or mouth. Although social distancing is far and away the most effective method of protection, face protection is used by those in healthcare settings.

There is a limited supply of face masks. A shortage, in fact. Some have resorted to using cloth masks or reusing face masks.

Face shields are far better than masks made from bandanas, scarves, or t-shirts. You get full protection over the face, a face shield further prevents you from touching your face, and they are durable and can be reused. At a time when face mask supply is limited, going with a face shield is the next best thing.

COVID-19 face masks and face shields do two things well. The first is that it prevents someone from infecting others. The second is that it prevents the coughs, sneezes, and droplets of others from coming into contact with your face and transferring COVID-19 to you.

Like face masks, face shields are in-demand. Fortunately, face shields are more affordable than masks due to their ability to be sanitized and reused. You don’t need to buy an entire pack of disposables. You get one face shield and that’s it. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t prevent you from carrying on with your day whether that’s going to the grocery store, being out for a walk, or staying at home.

If you don’t have access to face masks, buy a face shield. has them on sale right now and can deliver right to your front door. They’re comfortable, adjustable, and they offer you protection. For virus infection control, face shields have proven to be as effective as face masks. Get yours. Stay safe.

Featured photo by visuals on Unsplash

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