The Best Espresso Machine for Beginners and Coffee Lovers Alike

An espresso drink in the morning can give a big kick. Espresso is sort of like fireworks and beginning the day with that isn’t such a bad thing. It can get expensive though seeking out espresso every day from your favourite barista. Why not do it at home – now you can with an espresso machine for home kitchens.

Why you need an espresso machine to make espresso is because you can’t make espresso without one. A drip coffee maker won’t do it. Espresso is made through pressurizing the coffee bean, pulling out more flavor and caffeine in seconds. An espresso machine is built to do this.

The best espresso machine for any beginner is one that has at least nine bars of pressure, preferably also with some guidance through presets or an intuitive interface to assist you in creating your first espresso.

The unfortunate thing about espresso machines is that they can quite expensive, ranging from $100 to over $1,000. All sorts of models exist, some better than others. For beginners, you don’t necessarily need to go all-out with yours.

For the best espresso machine in Canada for espresso lovers, try the model via It’s on the inexpensive side, though not at the expense of quality. Free shipping is included so no additional fees. You have a 15-bar pump, steam wand, and it makes coffee as well.

This is sort of like your all-in-one espresso machine and coffee maker. It can be used for milk frothing, cappuccinos, lattes, or mochas. This isn’t to mention the espresso. What a deliciously excellent espresso!

This espresso machine is comparable to pricier models. It cuts out the touchscreen displays of many expensive contemporary models and instead, the espresso machine delivers on performance. You get fifteen bars, way above nine. The drink menu is very diverse. The steps towards creating drinks like a cappuccino or an espresso are clear.

You also have some room to experiment a little. Don’t hesitate to mix things up with how you create your espresso and other caffeinated beverages. Try different beans. Try changing the temperature of the milk. Take your espresso result and add other ingredients to it. You don’t need any barista. Now you are your own barista! also has some economical small appliances that complement an espresso machine purchase, including an electric coffee bean grinder and a slim coffee maker. Create and fit a coffee station into any sized kitchen. Visit today.

Featured photo by Street angle on Unsplash

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