Why Every Canadian Should Have A Face Shield Ready for COVID-19 And Beyond

Face masks are a very popular topic right now. With COVID-19 not going away anytime soon, face masks are being worn by more Canadians looking to protect from transmission of the coronavirus.

Did you know that face shields are argued as potentially more effective than face masks at reducing the risk of COVID-19 – it’s true. They’re better than most homemade face masks and compared to non-medical masks, safety face shields are usually the better option.

Think about it. One of the world’s leading technology companies, Apple, manufactured face shields rather than face masks and distributed them to those in need. That says a lot.

There’s also been a growing push online to encourage using shields rather than masks as well. The truth is unless they’re N95 masks or surgical-grade masks, COVID-19 particles can very likely still get through any other type of mask. That’s not the case with a plastic face shield.

They’re easily accessible. Face shields for COVID-19 can be purchased from marketplaces like Living.ca. You can also make your own at home through various means, such as cutting and flattening a 2L soda bottle. The plastic material is also cheap enough for companies or governments to purchase. Online, there are 3D printed designs available.

A mask doesn’t protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from COVID-19 infection. Wearing a face shield, you get full coverage over these areas.

Eventually, the COVID-19 shutdown will lift and the economy will begin to gradually reopen. As this happens, it doesn’t mean we will be suddenly without coronavirus. COVID-19 will be in Canadian society in perpetuity and the future may consist of Canadians continue to wear face masks or face shields in public.

If you have to choose between the two, go for a face shield. Here are some of the obvious benefits.

  • More facial protection than a face mask.
  • Face shields are a one-time purchase.
  • They are reusable and can be disinfected.
  • Most wearers consider shields to be more comfortable than masks.
  • Face shields prevent a person from touching their face.
  • Your mouth is still visible which makes it easier to communicate.
  • If you have issues accessing personal protective equipment (PPE), face shield designs provide a workaround that is just as effective, if not more so, against the coronavirus.
  • They are more economical and eco-friendly than single-use PPE.

If you’re looking for face shields in Canada, we want to hear from you. Living.ca’s warehouse is stocked. Contact us today and add a face shield to your cart in checkout. You’ll be thoroughly protected with it and in a way a face mask just can’t give you.

Featured photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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