7 Ways to Become a Better Baker

A lot of kitchens right now are fully stocked with baked goods and baking supplies. In this lockdown, more households are baking. If you’re baking a lot, chances are you’ve seen some winners and losers with what’s come out of the oven. Here are some easy stress-free ways to become a better baker.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Read the whole recipe. Know everything you need. Take out your baking supplies and all ingredients. Have them ready to be put to work. Know exactly what to expect and assemble baking supplies before you get started.

Be Ready to Adjust

Baking is a science. It is also an art. Use your senses. Temperature, humidity, appliance settings, and ingredient sources can all change the outcome of a baking recipe. Use common sense. Adjusting ingredients as you go is pretty normal.

Use Trusted Recipes

On the internet, you will find a lot of baking recipes that either are completely random, have inaccurate measurements, or which are poorly written. Ensure the recipes you use are from sources you trust. Cookbook authors, your favourite bloggers, and culinary companies all apply.

Measure Carefully

Bakers measure by weight, not size. This means measuring cups and spoons aren’t always ideal. Kitchen scales are meant to be used. You will need to know how to convert baking ingredients from volume to weight but it’s worth it.

No-Fail Substitutes

If you don’t have the right baking ingredients, substitutes do exist. That said, you don’t want to disturb the baking chemistry. Ensure the substitutes you use aren’t going to interfere with the finished product. For things like flour, fat, or sweetener, often, there isn’t a better substitute than the real thing.

Use the Right Amount of Force

Some recipes require a lot of force and others not so much. When in doubt, always use a light touch. Use force on things like kneading dough, beating cake batter, and/or frosting baked goods. On everything else, take it easy.

Don’t Throw it Out

If a recipe doesn’t turn out like you hoped, don’t toss it. There may be a way to salvage it. As a general rule in baking, a baker never throws out their finished product. As long as it still tastes alright, surely there’s a way to transform it into something else.

Baking can be therapeutic. No secret there. It’s fun, it smells good, and what you yield is often absolutely delicious. This spring, if you’re looking for baking tools, visit Living.ca today. We have everything bakers need to accomplish their bakes.

Featured photo by William on Unsplash

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