How to Use a Hand Mixer for Baking

Hand mixers have been used in baking for decades and across a wide range of recipes. Ergonomically designed, hand mixers have a comfortable grip, attachments that can be switched out, and they can be manipulated according to what you need done.

There’s no easier way to blend, other than perhaps a stand mixer which most would agree is expensive. A portable hand mixer is much more affordable. They usually have two removable metal beaters and a few speed settings.

What Can You Make With a Hand Mixer?

If you don’t already have one, think about the possibilities. Hand mixers can be used to make everything from larger family-sized dishes to light desserts. The most popular hand mixer recipes include desserts and snacks like chocolate chip cookies, scones, chocolate fudge brownies, cinnamon butter, vegetable mashed potatoes, creams, cakes, pudding, banana bread, chocolate mint squares, and more.

Do I Really Need a Hand Mixer?

They’re not only a baking essential but a kitchen essential. Even if you aren’t the best cook or don’t bake a lot, a hand mixer blends, mixes, whips, and beats. They’re quite versatile. There are plenty of opportunities to find a use for a hand mixer. Eventually, you’ll run into a dish or recipe where it will be needed.

What is the Best Hand Mixer to Buy?

You can buy a good quality hand mixer for less than $50.’s 8-speed hand mixer is available for only $22.99. Using this model, you get a variety of speed settings, an easy-to-read LCD display, and a mixer that is quiet in its operations. The attachments are also built in stainless steel and dishwasher-safe so no need to soak them in the sink. There are other hand mixers, however, for the price there isn’t a better deal in Canada than this.

What is the Right Technique to Use a Hand Mixer?

Once you have your mixer turned on, begin using it at its lowest speed and then adjust up until you’re comfortable. After the job is done, ensure you lower the speed back to its lowest. Then, turn off.

In terms of how to use a hand mixer for baking, there is no right way or wrong way. The mixer’s doing all the work. You just have to move it around the bowl. A lot of bakers will use circular motions. You can use your hand mixer however you want, as long as it doesn’t make a mess splashing outside the bowl.

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Featured photo by Alisha Mishra from Pexels

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