Pros And Cons of an Automatic Dog Feeder

Pet technologies have come a long way in the past two decades. AI-inspired, automated pet feeders are more popular than ever, lighting up industry around dogs and cats in a big way.

There may be some drawbacks to using automatic dog feeders, however. It’s worth looking at the pros and cons of automatic pet feeders before you make a final decision on a purchase. Here’s a quick list of points to look at.

Pro – Your Pet Never Misses A Meal

No matter where you are, your pet’s getting fed. It’s an automatic dog feeder you just need to ensure is filled with food. It releases on a defined schedule and you always ensure your pet’s appetite is being met.

Con – You’re No Longer Feeding Them

Some pet owners find the feeding process to be bonding. It can be quality time together and an opportunity to train your pet to behave. If you find this to be the case, an automatic pet feeder doesn’t have to be on all the time. Use it only when you need to.

Pro – Portion Control and Scheduling

If you’re looking to better manage your pet’s weight, an automatic dog feeder measures their portions for you. It also schedules planned feeding times so they’re never over-eating. The responsibility of having to do this yourself is gone. The feeder does it for you.

Con – An Automatic Pet Feeder Has One Type of Food

If you have dogs and cats, an automatic pet feeder can only share one type of food. An alternative would be to buy two pet feeders and place one in an area the dog cannot get to. Baby gates work well and cats can often get over them. Set the automatic cat feeder in a bedroom, blocking the doorway with a baby gate.

Pro – You Don’t Have to Ask Others to Feed Them

Pet owners who don’t have a pet feeder usually have to ask friends or family when they are not available to feed them. This isn’t fun. No one likes giving others chores. When you have an automatic dog feeder, no longer do you have to do that.

Pro – Features

A automatic pet feeder comes with a unique collection of features. Produce a 10-second audio recording to notify your pet when it’s feeding time. Change the portion size. Customize the experience of using a pet feeder according to what your pet needs.

A lot of pets eat whatever we give them. Unlike us, they can’t choose to eat smaller portions or more frequently. They rely on us as pet owners to make those decisions for them. Using an automatic pet feeder, it gives you better control over your pet’s appetite, feeding, and health.

Featured photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

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