Coffee Pod FAQ – All Your Questions Answered

Coffee pods are practical, convenient, and a time-efficient way to brew coffee for busy homeowners, business professionals, and coffee lovers everywhere.

If you haven’t had coffee pods before, here are some basic questions answered about what coffee pods are, how they work, what’s in them, and the advantages or disadvantages around them.

What is a Coffee Pod?

A coffee pod is a round cylinder that contains enough ground coffee to brew a single cup of coffee.

How Much Coffee Is In A Pod?

As you take a pod from your coffee pod storage rack, a standard pod will usually have 7 to 12 grams of coffee in them.

Are Coffee Pods Better Than Instant Coffee?

For those who hate instant coffee, coffee pods aren’t instant coffee. Coffee pods produce real coffee. You may notice it not tasting as well as a fresh roast or ground coffee but the coffee produced from a pod is noticeably higher quality than instant coffee.

Is A Coffee Pod the Same As a K-Cup?

K-Cup is an invention of the Keurig coffee brand. K-cups are similar to coffee pods, however, Keurig’s manufactured them so that they are only able to be brewed in a K-Cup machine. They aren’t compatible with traditional coffee pod brewers.

Do Coffee Pods Work With Every Coffee Machine?

Some coffee pods require specific machines. If your coffee machine doesn’t accommodate a specific brand of coffee pod, don’t be surprised if the machine’s unable to brew it.

Do Coffee Pods Have Milk in Them?

No, coffee pods do not contain any milk. They are pure coffee through and through.

What is the Best Coffee Pod in Canada?

Before you fill up your bamboo coffee pod storage drawer with pods, you may want to know what the best coffee pod is for you. The answer obviously varies. You want pods compatible with your coffee machine. Some brands to search out include Death Wish, Caribou Coffee, Tim Hortons, Van Houtte, McCafe, and others.

Where Do I Store Coffee Pods?

Ground coffee comes in a can or container. Instant coffee comes in similar storage. When you buy coffee pods, they come loose. The best thing to do with these is to consider coffee pod storage. Something like a coffee pod holder, drawer, or rack conveniently keeps everything together.

What is the Best Place to Buy Coffee Pods?

Coffee pods are usually available in-store at several coffee shops but can also be purchased through Walmart and online marketplaces such as Amazon.

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