What Do I Need to Start My Own Garden

Starting a garden is all about getting those early steps right. If you don’t get the basics down, you’re going to see late in the season you won’t get the yield you expect. Before digging down into your garden, here’s a quick guide on the home garden accessories to pick up.


Before you consider buying some terracotta mini pots or stackable garden beds and planters, a gardener needs to know what they’re planting. This can take some research. Consider a notebook to write out the requirements of each plant. Whether you want to play flowers, vegetables, herbs, or something else, they all come with optimum conditions. Some plants take more space or require more water, or certain conditions.

Gardening Shears

Along with a pair of soft-grip garden gloves, one of the best garden tool essentials to pick up are gardening shears. This is to trim down your plants and remove growth that is either dead or inefficient. Just like with seeds and maintaining plants, there’s a right and wrong way to use gardening shears. Whether it’s fragrant florals or an organic vegetable garden, shearing away growth that isn’t working is a part of maintaining your garden.

Cultivator and Shovel

A heavy-duty garden hand cultivator has a few uses though mainly it is to prepare your garden for seeds to be planted. A cultivator is also used to move and mix soil, and to remove weeds. A mini-gardening shovel also assists with these activities. Both are key to cutting down work-time. Gardening should be fun but when you don’t have the right tools, it sometimes isn’t so much. Maximize efficiency when you have to get dirty. Have the right garden tools.

Garden Cart

Though not an absolute essential, lugging things back and forth to your garden isn’t fun. Fortunately, there are foldable garden carts, outdoor wagons, and gorilla carts available. Using one, you simply put in all your tools and then pull them with you across your landscape. Even having a single garden bed can require a fair amount of upkeep. A garden cart makes any gardening easier.

Garden Beds

Oftentimes, people new to gardening either overplant or don’t plant enough. If you fear you might not have enough space in your existing garden plot, consider stackable garden beds or planters. These are inexpensive and instantly expand your gardening space. They also isolate invasive plants, such as mint, which can tear through a bed meant for vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Summer 2020 is going to be somewhat of a strange one for Canada. COVID-19 gave the spring an unfortunate setback and this summer’s certainly not going to be a normal one. A garden is something every Canadian can do to focus their attention on something positive, beautiful, fragrant, and meaningful. Visit Living.ca today to pick up your home garden essentials.

Featured photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

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